Kitchen Cabinets Measurements One Must Follow

By: | September 29 , 2022
Kitchen cabinets

Measurements, Measurements, Measurements: That’s all you’ll get here

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Measurements will help you figure the technicalities involved in your cabinet array. You have to match the measurements to your practical needs

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We start with base cabinets:

These are installed directly on the floor. Counters are laid on top, duly installed and ranges bracketed by them, put in your pots and pans, most expansive…

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Dimensions (inches)Factor
34.5Height-No countertop
35-36Height-With countertop
24Depth- No countertop
25-26Depth-With countertop
12, 18, 24, 30, 33, 36, 46    ??? Width
  • Height, without countertops- 34.5 “.
  • Raw base cabinets start at 34.5” high without any countertop or substrate.
  • Height (with countertops) 35”-36” . After putting in a countertop the height becomes about 35-36”. The height can vary. Adding an under layer can add another half inch . Countertops can go as low as 32”and as high as 38”.
  • Depth (W/o countertops): 25-26”. Countertops usually overhang a bit above the base cabinets adding an inch.
  • Width 12’ to 48”: Base cabinet width can be between 12” to 48”.
Dimensions (inches)Cabinet type
12, 18, 24Filler cabinets can adjust in pullouts.
30Single basic sink
33Double basic offset sink
36Double basic sink
48Largest base cabinet size (commonly found in homes.

Wall cabinet size: Height, depth, width

    • Used for food stuff storage and lightweight appliances which can directly be hung on the wall.
    • You can show these off. Things are kind of, quite obvious.
    • One way to save money could b to have simple base cabinets but accessorized wall cabinets with glass inserts or inside cabinet lighting.

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Dimensions (inches)Factor

Height- 12” to 48”: Counter with cabinet height-12”, 36”, 48”.

Height is limited because these cabinets have to fit between the counter and the ceiling.

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Depth: 12” to 24”.

  • Maximum depth of wall cabinets is 24” because it cannot be more than the depth of base cabinets.

Width 12” to 36”

    • Standard, single or double door wall cabinet width is 30”. Cabinets can be as narrow as 12” or 15”. Width more than 36” cannot be normally used.

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Tall cabinet sizes: Height, depth, width

These can extend from floor to ceiling.

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Dimensions (inches)Factor
84 and 96Height
12 and 24Depth
12 to 36Width

Height: 84 and 96 inches.

  • 96” height cabinet touches the ceiling. 84” can have a foot of breathing space above the cabinet.

Depth: 12” to 24”.

  • 12” depth is given so that food can be stored. If it was deeper, much food would go right to the back and you’ve got to hunt for it in the dark. You could fit in pullouts and sliding shelves in the 24” depth tall cabinets.

Width: 12” to 36”.

  • 12” width cabinets are narrow and cannot store much food. Fit these in neglected spaces.
  • 24” width cabinets. These are mid road and very useful for a larger amount of storage.
  • 36” width cabinets. These are good if you want pullouts and lots of storage.

So this was an inroad into the world of numbers and scales. I hope you find it useful.

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