What is Toughened Glass? Advantages & Disadvantages of Tuffen Glass

By: | September 16 , 2022
toughened glass

What is toughened glass?

Toughened glass is a type of safety glass which is prepared to increase the strength of normal glass. The glass undergoes compression and tension through which, the glass breaks down into pieces. This can cause injuries and damage and thus, the toughened glass is used for making windows, doors, tables and such things used on regular basis. Toughened glass eliminated the possibility of injury and is constructed under strict supervision to ensure durability and strength.

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Toughened glass is generally used for preparing balcony doors, windows, facades, shower doors, bathroom doors, exhibition areas and displays etc. the tempered glass is used in preparing doors and windows for rich industrial buildings. The tuffen glass is also used for housing projects. The frameless shower doors, glass shelves and for huge fixed windows, the toughened glass is used.

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Toughened glass is thermally strong than the normal glass. The glass undergoes intense stress due to which, the strength of glass increases. This glass is made through thermal tempering process where the annealed glass is heated at or above 720 degrees and soon after it reaches the heating point, cooling process is performed. The glass thus becomes strong and stressed.

Toughened glass framing and Sizes of toughened glass:

Toughened glass is used with frames made from different materials. In most of the cases, toughened glass is not framed and frameless glass is used for construction. Frameless toughened doors and frameless sliding glass door is widely use nowadays in industrial buildings, colleges and housing projects. One of the stylish and catchy glass door designs is the patch fitting frameless glass door. Other doors are glass partition doors, cabin partition doors and many more. These are the common types of toughened glasses used in housing and industrial projects mainly.

Toughened glass is available in different sizes as per the requirement or use. The building glass thickness generally ranges between 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, and 2.2mm up to 19mm. in the modern construction, glass is considered as one of the luxurious and elegant material. However, when it comes to safety, toughened glass is the most secure and reliable material which can be used for construction purpose. In the residential or industrial buildings, glass construction provides an attractive and scenic look. The installation and fixing of toughened glass is quite tough as experts are needed for smooth and harmless installation. For doors and windows, upvc and wooden frames are used as the most eco-friendly materials.

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Types of toughened glass:

There are different types of toughened glasses used in construction purposes. Glass is one of the materials which provide a lavishing and luxurious interior. Thus, huge industrial buildings, luxury homes, restaurants, hotels etc use toughened glass for windows and doors. Here are some of the most common and ravishing glasses used for construction purpose:

  • Clear toughened glass
  • Laminated toughened glass
  • Reflective toughened glass
  • Tinted toughened glass
  • Frosted toughened glass

These are the most common types of toughened glass types which are used for ravishing and unique interior. Laminated toughened glasses are stylish, uniquely designed and scenic. Frosted glasses are widely used for bathroom doors reflective glass is used for mega industrial projects and buildings, while clear glasses are used for multiple purposes. For the toughened glass, there are several types of glazing available in the market. The glazings are single glass glazing, double glass glazing and triple glass glazing for different purposes. 

Advantages of toughened glass:

  • Toughened glass is extremely tough and hard. These glasses reduce the risk of injury and damage in care of disaster or calamity
  • It is a very lightweight glass which reduces the load of building
  • Ravishing variations of toughened glass provide a very rich and elegant look to the buildings
  • Frosted and laminated glasses used for housing projects enrich the interior as never before
  • It facilitates natural light into the homes and buildings while providing a soothing sensation
  • Toughened glasses are UR resistant, prevent heat absorption and are highly energy efficient

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Here is the toughened glass price in India:

Clear toughened glass100/sqft – 500/sqft
Laminated toughened glass200/sqft – 700/sqft
Frosted toughened glass200/sqft – 800/sqft
Tinted toughened glass150/sqft – 700/sqft
Reflective toughened glass200/sqft – 800/sqft
Decorative toughened glass100/sqft – 500/sqft

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