What is VHB tape?

By: | November 02 , 2022

The full form of VHB tape is ‘Very High Bond’ structural glazing tape. It has a very strong High Performance and the double sided tape is extensively used in Curtain Walls, Commercial Windows and other Structural Glazing systems. VHB Tape is fully cured, it has a viscoelastic nature and a very high and durable bonding strength; it is made with acrylic Foam and is primarily used to fix glass with a metal framework, fixing of two metals  , plastic materials and painted surfaces. VHB tape has created a new revolution in the construction industry.

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The main advantages of VHB Tape is –

  • VHB Tape is a very easy method to fix glass onto a metal frame. It does not involve any welding, drilling, riveting or screw fastening.
  • The VHB tape is resistant to oil, water and other solvents.
  • VHB tape bonds immediately, it reaches its maximum strength in a time span of 5 hours.
  • The process is very fast, clean and easy to apply.
  • VHB Tape is highly durable and weatherproof with resistance to UV rays, moisture, dust, and extreme heat and cold.
  • In case of vibrations the foam tape absorbs the impact.

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