What is White Portland cement?

By: | November 01 , 2022

White Portland cement is very similar to ordinary Portland Cement except that the raw materials have fewer traces of compounds like Iron Oxide and Manganese Oxide which results in the change of colour. White Cement is preferred in areas where appearance and aesthetics are of prime importance. The setting behavior and strength of white cement are very close to Ordinary Portland Cement and it is of Type I grade of Portland Cement.

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The other characteristics of White Portland Cement are :

  • It has a white colour and a very smooth texture.
  • Colour pigments can be added to white cement so as to change the color and they can be used to match the colour of tiles for grouting.
  • White China Clay is used as a raw material instead of ordinary clay. Precautions have to be taken during the manufacturing process of White Cement.
  • White cement is much costlier than ordinary Portland Cement.
  • White Cement is a good reflector of light when used in the exteriors or the interiors of the building. Hence it reduces the requirement of extra lighting and ensures energy efficiency.
  • White cement is a sustainable material and it can be recycled.

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