Which is The Best Plywood for Kitchen

By: | September 12 , 2022
Plywood for Kitchen

Wood has been the material; that has been used traditionally for windows, doors, table, almirahs etc in olden times. since the time, plywood was introduced, it has been able to replace each and everything that wood was used. It is available in varying thickness, is easy to work and when finished properly, it can be made to look like wood.  However, there are different types of plywood with different qualities. You can choose plywood which is a material that you get when thin plies of wood veneer are glued together with adhesives under pressure. The quality of the veneer, the glue used as well as how the veneers are arranged in the ply determine the quality of the plywood.  Now, with different quality plywood and a number of brands in the market, the big question you would face while choosing the plywood for the kitchen cabinet is, Which is the best plywood for kitchen cabinet?

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Plywood for kitchen cabinets and modular kitchen- Features

When you are about to install a modular kitchen or thinking of remodeling the kitchen and introduce kitchen cabinets to replace the otherwise open storage shelves, it is important that you choose the best ply for kitchen. what are the features that would make the plywood the best plywood for the kitchen cabinets? It is indeed the special features that the plywood possesses over other types of plywood The features include

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Durability- Installing a stylish cabinet is quite easy. But, the cabinets you install must be able to withstand the wear and tear that the cabinets would be subjected to after installation on a regular basis. That is why it is important to choose a high-grade, thick and heavy duty best plywood for kitchen cabinets.

Water resistance- A kitchen is a place where the chances for the plywood to get in to contact with water is very high. It is again the place where the cabinets would be exposed to high moisture content.  When this is the condition, it becomes prone to fungal infections and the cabinet stands the chance of getting worn out too pretty soon. That is why there is a need to use the best grade waterproof plywood in the market to be able to withstand and prevent damages caused due to splashing of water.

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Fire resistance- Usually, the water-resistant plywoods are fire resistant as well. This would be advantageous for use in the kitchen because you would be placing ovens cooktops and other hot objects on top of the wood.

Price – The best plywood for the kitchen cabinets with these features are likely to be more expensive than the ordinary plywoods in the market. Choosing the best plywood does not mean that you have to make a hole in your pocket. You can always compare the costs of the plywood with the special features and choose the one that offers more benefits at affordable prices.

The glue- the glue that is used to bond the ply also plays a major role in determining its features such as durability and water resistance. The types of glue include formaldehyde resin that is not considered to be eco-friendly that is used in MR grade plywood or the phenol formaldehyde glue is also known as the synthetic plastic resin that is used to bond BWR plywood which makes it more moisture resistant than the MR grade.

The plywoods that are used for kitchen cabinets

Having discussed the features in determining which plywood is best for the kitchen, the plywood that the carpenters generally feel good about using in the kitchen for cabinets include

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    1. Commercial MR grade plywood- This is considered to be attractive and easy to work on material for kitchen cabinets. But, care has to be taken to ensure that the cabinets are a little far off from the sink because they are water and moisture resistant only to a certain extent.


  1. BWR – This refers to the grade of plywood that is produced by different brands where BWR stands for Boiling waterproof. These types of plywood are known to resist water and moisture to a greater extent than the MR plywood and are considered to be the best ply for kitchen cabinets that you can access at affordable prices. This type of ply is water and moisture resistant and durable as well.
  2. Marine Plywood- This is a high- grade plywood that is highly water resistant and is used to make boats as well. There is no question about the suitability of the material for making kitchen cabinets but, the deterrent factor is the price of the plywood. It is very expensive.

Of the three, the BWR is widely used in making kitchen cabinets considering its water resistance properties as well as pricing which makes it a cost-effective option to make kitchen cabinets that last.

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