Zinc Composite Panels- Inheriting the power of Self-Healing!

By: | June 01 , 2022

Eurobond Zinc composite panels (ZCP)have brought a revolution in Façade panels with their unique and problem-solving features and qualities that have awestruck the architects. Among the various features, one particular quality of Eurobond ZCPs has stood out because of its distinctiveness, which is the power of Self-Healing!

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Yes! You read it right. Zinc, a metal used in a composite panel, naturally inherits the power of self-healing. A material that can remain fit by healing scratches and damages on it, not to forget the most important ability, the ability to resist corrosion! This means the building will be able to self-heal itself and be corrosion-free, reducing the stress of repairs. Let’s see these abilities from the point of view of science. Normally oxidation ruins materials like steel by corroding it, but when the surface of Zinc comes in contact with moisture and carbon dioxide in the air, it goes through a unique reaction. A protective layer of ‘zinc carbonate’ forms on its surface, this Zinc carbonate is essential in fighting corrosion and keeping zinc corrosion-free. Zinc carbonate then creates a magnificent layer of ‘Patina’ that heals scratches and other damages from the surface, thus making zinc a self-healable and corrosion-free material. These abilities not only help zinc last longer and make it healthy but also keeps the structure’s health intact as well. Eurobond Zinc composite panels not only help the architect in reducing the stress of the future residents but also reduce their maintenance cost, thus making it a desirable material.

Eurobond Zinc Composite Panels have been gifted with various other qualities and features as well, features include beautifying with age, good strength against atmospheric aggression, 100% recyclable, a life span of 100 years, purifying the air, and excellent malleability. Eurobond Zinc Composite Panel with its all-around capabilities completely takes care of the buildings ensuring their safety. Earlier zinc has been used as a cladding material in buildings and architecture because of these qualities. Eurobond Zinc composite panels’ quality of healing is surely a game-changer in Façade panels

To get a next-level experience in façade material, explore this unique series with Eurobond.

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