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WPC Doors in Howrah

WPC doors are those that have a layer of wood either as a frame or as a core. But, it is sandwiched by the layers of thermosetting plastic. This again depends on the quality of door required and where you intend to use the door. The wpc door price for those that you use in the exteriors would be higher than that you access for using as bathroom doors or doors within the house. However, they are safe, stable and strong and equal in appearance to the doors that are made up of teak or rosewood. Since the wpc doors are amenable to surface finishes that you wish to have, you can customize the doors to suit your requirements.

Types of WPC Doors

The types of doors you can access from the wpc doors suppliers include

Why WPC Doors are used for Bathrooms?

The wpc bathroom doors are actually solid doors that are used extensively for bathrooms because they are

  • Moisture/dampness resistant
  • They are waterproof, termite-proof and borer resistant
  • They are easy to clean which makes maintaining them easier.
  • They resist fire but they are not as heat resistant as the wooden doors
  • They are manufactured using modern technology fairly quickly and it is not a labor-intensive process that requires skilled labor like the carpenters for making wooden doors. therefore the wpc doors manufacturers save considerable time and labor costs as well. This accounts for the reasonable price of the doors.
  • The doors can be painted or laminated which makes it possible for you to have doors of different colors and textures.

You can access the WPC doors of standard sizes as well as get custom made doors made if the doorway in your house does not conform to the standard sizes.

WPC Doors Howrah Price List

Types of WPC Doors Price
HardyPlast Premium WPC Doors Rs 682/Square Feet
WPC Door for Bath Room Rs 200/Square Feet(s)
Brown Decorative WPC Door Rs 325/Square Feet
Decora WPC Door Rs 375/Square Feet
Modern WPC Door Rs 220/Square Feet
WPC Solid Door Rs 231/Square Feet
Interior WPC Doors Rs 3,000/Piece