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Bed Lift up

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Beds consume a lot of space in the bedrooms. In fact, the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. Thus, a lot of storage space is lost due to the bed. The loss of storage space can be compensated by opting for lift up storage bed. This type of bed has a large storage space underneath the bed portion where you sleep. The bed portion of a lift up bed can be lifted to access the storage space underneath it which can be used to store a number of things. Thus, the lift bed doubles up as a storage space in addition to bed. Such beds are highly suited for small apartments with limited spaces.

Hydraulic powered lift beds

Lift up beds with hydraulic mechanism are popular kinds of storage beds. A hydraulic lift storage bed has gas operated hydraulic pistons which lift the mattress platform portion of the bed to reveal the storage space beneath. You simply need to pull the handle present under the platform to lift the platform. The hydraulic mechanism ensures that not much effort is needed to lift the platform. The raised platform is maintained in its position by the hydraulics while you access the items present in the storage space.

Hydraulic lift top storage bed comes in a plethora of styles, sizes and designs. For example, Ottoman bed frames with hydraulic mechanism are very stylish beds and offer large concealed storage spaces. The wooden lift up storage bed with hydraulic mechanism comes in many attractive finishes and designs which add a touch of old world charm to the bedroom. Upholstered hydraulic lift storage beds are also widely available in the market. In terms of sizes, you can get both single lift up bed as well as lift up double bed with hydraulic mechanism. The space in a double bed lift up storage is more as compared to single lift up bed.

Pop up trundle beds

Trundle bed is a two-in-one bed. A trundle bed has a second bed tucked beneath the main bed platform. The second bed can be pulled out whenever required to create more space for a guest or pet to sleep. A pop up trundle is a trundle bed that lifts up and is different from a conventional trundle bed due to one feature. The second bed in a pop up trundle bed not only slides out underneath the main bed but also lifts up to draw level with the main bed. As a result, the size of the bed doubles. Thus, a pop up trundle bed allows you to double the size of the bed when you want to sleep at night or when you need additional space for a guest.

Pop up TV bed

In a pop up tv bed frame, the the height of the footboard is high and it conceals an LED TV inside. Electrical controls pop the TV in and out of the bed frame. The space underneath the platform houses the DVD player and game consoles if installed. This type of bed saves the space that would have been occupied by the TV.

Bed Lift up Price List

Bed Lift upPrice
Hepo Bed Lift up Mechanism Frame (Without Gas Spring) - (405 mm x 530 mm)
Rs. 1,420
Hepo Bed Lift up Mechanism Frame (Without Gas Spring) - (1100 mm x 620 mm)
Rs. 2,480
Hepo Bed Lift up Mechanism Frame (Without Gas Spring) - (1500 mm x 620 mm)
Rs. 2,865
Hepo Bed Lift up Mechanism Frame (Without Gas Spring) - (590 mm x 400 mm)
Rs. 1,614
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