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Flap Stay

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Buy Flap Stay Online At McCoy Mart

The first question that comes to mind is what is flap stay and how is it useful? A flap stay is a contraption which supports the horizontal flaps of cabinets and wall units when they are opened. As a result, the flaps can be used as shelf for keeping things. Flap stay can be mounted on either the left hand side or right hand side of the flap. The load capacity of flap stay is usually 12 kg. However, the capacity of flap stay heavy duty is higher.

Range of Flap stay

There is a plethora of varieties of flap stay hardware available in the market. A cabinet flap stay comes in different sizes to suit the internal heights of cabinets of regular, large and extra large size. A bar counter flap stay for bar access flaps keeps them in horizontal position enabling you to use the surface of the flap as a bar counter. Another type of flap stay is table flap stay which uses spring mechanism to support fold down flaps used in desk furniture.

A special kind of flap stay is soft down flap stay. This type of flap opens and retracts the flap without causing noise. Such flaps use self closing mechanism and are filled with gas to ensure noiseless closing.

Features of Flap stays

Flap stays are equipped with adjustable brakes to support flaps of different sizes. They can be used with both regular as well as piano hinges. Flap stays can be constructed of steel, chrome, brass and other metals.

Top Brands

There are many reputed brands of flap stay. For example, hafele flap stay. The range of flap stay hafele includes drop down automatic opening flap stay, flap stay with slotted center joint, flap stay with braking mechanism, etc. Other brands include ebco flap stay, duo flap stay and blum flap stay.

Flap Stay Price List

Flap Stay


Quba Door Lifter 10 Kg Q-DL Rs. 184
Quba Door Lifter 15 Kg Q-DL Rs. 206
Quba Door Lifter 25 Kg Q-DL Rs. 219
Quba Door Lifter 20 Kg Q-DL Rs. 206
Quba Door Lifter 5 Kg Q-DL Rs. 184

The flap stay prices depend upon their sizes, materials and other features. You can buy online flap stay to get access to best brands of flap stays at affordable rates.

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