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Gas Spring

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Gas spring consists of a piston and a rod that moves using a nitrogen-filled cylinder. The rod displaces some air in the hydraulic gas spring that results in increasing the internal pressure. The pressure deviates when the piston and cylinder functions together. This function is named a compression stroke. There are many different types of Gas spring for kitchen cabinet available in the market used in various applications. In this article, you will know about some of the various types along with their applications to motivate you to buy today.


As the name suggests, these industrial gas springs are standard and come with a piston fixed with the rod inside a cylinder. The cylinder is compressed with nitrogen at a high-pressure. They are most popularly used in the balancing and lifting applications in almost every sector. The nitrogen at a high pressure generates the external force required for getting the work done. Some of its applications include Adjustable chairs, recreation vehicles, automotive hoods, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, Panel covers, and others.


These types are slightly different from that of the standard version. Here the hydraulic ones allow the user to lock the piston rod at a particular position for exerting the force. It is equipped along with a plunger that is triggered for locking the piston inside the rod in a definite place. 

By triggering the plunger, the rod will work as an adjustable gas spring for door by exerting compression. During the work process, the operating person releases the plunger to fix the position of the piston inside the rod. There are few additional components that come in use, especially for adjustable-lock ones, such as piston valves, seals, guides, special piston rods, and others. 

There are many applications of adjustable-lock gas springs that include such for bed in hospitals where the bed needs to be lifted at a particular height for the ease of treatment and other activities, Passenger seats that have a push back the ability for giving comfort to the passengers, casualty trolleys for providing support to the patients and other similar applications.


Customized classes of these categories are used specially designed and manufactured concerning the application of use. These types are mainly used for industrial applications. The customized ones are appropriate hardware fittings for big applications such as MRI machines, UAV launchers, and others. There are certain particular types of materials used for construction, such as polyurethane, EPDM, Viton, and others. The customized ones are not feasible for small applications and come at a slightly higher price as compared to other varieties of it.


The safe-locking tension gas spring is embedded with a shrouded mechanism to make it more effective in the output. The shroud mechanism is used for locking the spring at its full expansion. It means that at the last point of expansion, it will be locked for any substantial industrial or mechanical works. 

Some of the applications that are executed with the use of safe-locking ones with the implementation of the shroud locking mechanism are automotive applications for service lifts to give ease to the mechanics for repairing the tough ends of the vehicle and gas spring lift assisting equipment by the electrical department to fix the light posts and transmission wires. Not only that, but they are also used in the medical equipment in the operation theatres to help the doctors do effortless surgeries and operations.

Traction & Tension

This category is equipped with a belt drive and other mechanical implementations to maintain the tension on the spring. The application of this type is different from other compression springs. They are essential for heavy applications in the industrial sector and are determined perfect for use with the K and force factors. Stainless steel materials are used for making this category to make it durable and long-lasting. The implementation of traction air in these gives it the ability to adjust and pull the object depending upon the needs. The traction & tension ones are used in applications such as oil dampeners, aerospace applications, furniture & cabinet applications, pick-up trucks, and others.


The dampener implementation ones are very much essential as it controls the motion and speed of the oil used amidst the piston and the rod. Some of the applications where dampeners are implemented with it are doors, covers, lids, and other such small applications. The dampeners are appropriate to withstand the load capacity of up to 150lbs. Some of the significant applications of dampeners along with gas springs are motor vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and others.