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Wardrobe Locks

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Furniture locks such as wardrobe door locks, drawer locks, cabinet locks, pedestal unit locks, etc. are available in many designs and sizes. When it comes to wardrobe lock system, there is a plethora of modern designs which provide high security to the contents stored in the cupboard. Here we will discuss the various kinds of cupboard locks.

Fixed Core and Removable Core

Prior to discussing various kinds of cupboard locks, it is important to understand that a steel wardrobe lock can be of fixed core or removable core design.

A fixed core lock is integrated into the cupboard and is a part of the unit. The lock has set of keys. Only that set of keys can lock and unlock it. The fixed core lock can come with a master key but a particular set of keys will work only with its matching fixed core lock.

A removable core lock is not integrated into the cupboard and is simply fixed inside the hollow space of the cupboard. The lock core can be removed and replaced with another lock with different keys whenever required. This provides a lot of flexibility.

Types of wardrobe locks

Both traditional and smart locks are available for cupboards. Traditional locks use the conventional mechanical levers to secure the cupboard while smart locks go a step further and utilise electro-magnetism and modern software to secure the cupboard. Here we will discuss both kinds of locks.

Conventional Locks

The following types of traditional locking mechanisms are widely used for wardrobe with lock.

Cam wardrobe lock has a cylinder with a base attached with a piece of metal. The metal piece operates a rotating bolt when the key is turned in the lock. The key can be removed in both locked and unlocked position. The lock can constructed of zinc alloy, nickel, steel, etc.

Locks for wardrobes having sliding shutters are also available in the market. A wardrobe sliding lock is a mortise lock which has a spring loaded latch mechanism to lock and unlock the sliding shutter of the wardrobe. The lock is installed on the side of the wardrobe. The size of the latch varies. For example, 3 door sliding wardrobe lock having 1200mm long locking latch. The thickness of the wardrobe shutter determines the size of sliding lock it requires. A lock for sliding door wardrobe can be made of stainless steel, brass or zinc alloy with chrome or nickel finish.

Push locks are suitable for cupboards with overlay and sliding shutters. As the name suggests, you simply need to push the unit to lock it. But it can be unlocked with a key only.

Combination lock for wardrobe is also a good choice. The combination lock usually has a four-digit number assembly and you need to align the numbers as per the code. Such locks come with thousands of number combinations. The lock is like a knob which you need to rotate by 90 degrees after unlocking it using the number combination. Combination lock provides keyless access to the cupboard, thus there is no need to store keys. Combination locks are available for both wooden and metal cupboards.

Smart Locks

Digital locking system for wardrobes have become popular in the recent times especially for securing high value items. A digital lock for wardrobe is a password protected lock. This implies that the lock requires anyone wanting to access the wardrobe to enter a specific password to unlock the wardrobe. A numbered keypad is a present on the lock unit through which one needs to enter the password set by the cupboard’s owner. Modern digital locking systems enable you to change the password frequently. Another security feature is that the digital lock automatically goes into lockdown mode if incorrect passwords are entered for a specific number of times. A digital wardrobe lock utilises magnetic flux generated by electricity to keep the brass wardrobe locked. The electricity supply either comes from batteries present in it or from some electrical source. Powerbank may also be present in the locking system for emergency power supply. Digital lock is a suitable Sliding wardrobe lock and comes in various designs suitable for shutters of various thickness.

Biometric lock is another highly secure smart lock for wardrobes. A biometric lock for wardrobe does not require a key to unlock. Instead, it needs authorised fingerprints to grant access. An attached scanner reads the person’s fingerprints and matches them with the record stored in the lock’s computer. The cupboard unlocks only if there is a match. The biometric lock can store hundreds of fingerprints depending upon the model. Biometric lock is suitable for cupboards used to store sensitive items.

Wardrobe LocksPrice
Godrej Supernova Wardrobe Lock
Rs. 444
Godrej Popular Multipurpose Furniture Lock for Drawers & Wardrobes
Rs. 117
Quba Multi Lock Q-200M-40
Rs. 155
Godrej New Multi Purpose Furniture Lock with Reversible Key for Drawers & Wardrobes
Rs. 165
Godrej Universal Drawer Cupboard Lock (75 mm)
Rs. 339
Godrej 20 mm Pin Cylinder Wardrobe Lock
Rs. 353
Godrej 32 mm Curvo Wardrobe Lock - CK
Rs. 457

The wardrobe door lock price depends upon its configuration, size, material and the brand. Digital and bio-metric cupboard locks cost more as compared to conventional cupboard locks due to their higher security quotient.

Brand - Godrej


  • Dual electronic access for high level of security and burglar alarm
  • Adjustable spy code maintain the secrecy of password
  • Add or delete user key in case the key is lost
  • Twist & Turn System

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