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Door Catches

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Best Offer On Door Catches Available on McCoy Mart

You must have witnessed how the gates suddenly bang during high wind pressure! Well, door catches come to use then. They hold the gate at the same position without letting them move naturally. The whole thing works efficiently. The fastener body is attached to the gate and the strike is fitted near the floor or side of the gate. Thus, the clasp protects the entrance from banging every time, creating a loud sound. Moreover, it also saves the door from damages while shutting down so hard. You can get various types of interior door catches in the market. They are readily available everywhere. They are not too costly. So, grab one, and stop your gate from banging loud. 

Check The Various Types Of These Gate Fasteners

Before buying, you must know about the various types of sliding door catches available in the market. It will help you to choose the correct model for your gate. Below are the details of the numerous types of these fasteners. 

  • Cupboard fastener: The cupboard door catches are attached to the surface of the cupboard gate to allow the gate not to shut straightforwardly, making a bang. They are commonly seen in commercial places to prevent the entrance from damage. 
  • Ball and roller fastener: These fasteners also have two parts. The strike plate is installed on the frame or wall nearby and the other part on the gate. They are also ideal for locking cupboards. 
  • Double ball and roller fastener: The double ball and roller fastener also work like the above model. However, they have a plunger that gets into the structure fixed inward to the frame. They are ideal for cupboards too. 
  • Magnetic fastener: The magnetic fastener is the most popular and effective model in the market. A steel plate is fixed on the gate, and the magnetic plate is attached to the floor or nearby wall that can hold the gate and prevent it from banging. These magnetic kitchen door catches are also ideal for window panes. 
  • Suitcase fastener: As the name suggests, these fasteners use the technique of a suitcase lock to prevent the gate from banging. They have an over-center lever that controls the gate from closing during storms. 

Know About The Best Brands To Buy From

When it comes to choosing the best brand to buy from, it becomes tough to choose the right one. There are several companies that manufacture kitchen door catches and claim them to be the best. However, all of them are not the best. So, you need to be wise while selecting the brand. Thus, we are here to guide you. Among the many companies that manufacture gate fasteners, we have shortlisted two brands. Therefore, you can trust them for the quality and longevity of the product. The two brands to buy from are: 

  • Slimline: Slimline produces trendy gate fasteners that do not rust easily. They deliver products that are ideal for all types of entrances. You can get top-notch magnetic fasteners from them. Moreover, they deliver other stainless steel products like kitchen baskets, partition baskets, cutlery baskets, plate baskets, and many other accessories. Besides that, the attractive design of the products makes them much more appealing and popular. 
  • Blum: Blum is another company from which you can buy plastic cabinet door catches at affordable rates. Besides that their products have excellent quality and you can get them at all online stores. Their fasteners are ideal for gates with a height above 48”. They also have magnetic tips that can adequately hold the gate.

Take A Glance At The Things You Need To Consider Before Buying

As you plan to buy gate fasteners, you must know about the things to consider. Then, if you keep them in mind, you can have a regretless purchase. So, see the things that you need to remember before buying: 

  • Types: As discussed earlier, there are several types of these fly screen door catches that you can obtain. While some use the latching or pin technique, some use magnetic strips to restrict the entry from banging. Before buying, you must consider the position of your gate and then decide which will be better for you. 
  • Cost: The gate fastener price varies from model to model. You can check the price list before buying to have an idea about what the cost is. However, these accessories do not cost much, so you need not worry about digging much into the pocket. 
  • Material: Generally, two to three types of materials are used to construct the fasteners. Plastic, stainless steel, and alloy metals are on the top. Before buying, check the specifications to know more about the material that is used. 
  • Durability: Commonly, the products have excellent durability and last long. Even significantly less maintenance can keep them intact. Still, before buying, you should know about the product’s durability personally so that you don’t face a problem. Read the specifications properly to learn well about these things. 

Purchase plastic cupboard door catches From McCoy Mart 

McCoy Mart is a trustworthy online mart with many products ranging from hardware to sanitary ware. The items are affordable and authentic. Besides that, you can get flat discounts on certain products. However, if you have a pro account, you can get bulk discounts and GST invoices. You can find out about the price list of door fasteners from this store. Furthermore, there are many brands to browse from. So, don’t loiter here and there. Go to McCoy mart to buy authentic products at affordable rates.