Advantages of Window Facing Kitchen Sink

By: | September 29 , 2022
window facing kitchen sink

It’s nice to wash your utensils looking out into the sky through the sacred window with a mild breeze blowing through or the rain tapping its toes on your window pane gives a clean and lush feel to the kitchen, to you and your home.

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Besides the supremely divine feeling of looking out at the thrilling sights outside your windows there are some other things which we receive with the window facing kitchen sink. A window is an experience in its self. Let your thoughts wander away and afar. With the dim sky of the morning mist, the breeze cool and wet hugging your face from between the curtains that surface the window. Rain pouring out from the clouds washes the pane and your face as the utensils and their wetness and the rain meet at some juncture, giving you the happiest feeling of your life. The dim light of the sky with the moon shining through in its hazel brightness and the stars grinning from there somewhere and you, mesmerized as the moonshine pours down on your hands as they work with the soap suds surrounding your plates and spoons in the warm water in the sink.

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  • Kitchen plumbing is easier to install and use: It helps that the plumbing lines are easily accessible if damaged and the exterior wall is close by with the window behind the sink. Hot and cold water lines are easy to repair.
  • Placing a sink under the window makes an effective use of the entire space. This is because there will be no cabinets on top. It feels uncomfortable, it provides more space for the countertop which then follows later, after the sink. Washing up larger items is easier when there are no cabinets on top.
  • You get a nice outside view and chirupping birds, waving trees and happy nature or maybe at night the lights of the moving cars from your nth floor is a heady calming sight while you are at your chores.
  • If your dishes are smelly its nice to open the window and breathe in fresh air. Also if you have burnt some dishes it cleans out the smell and stuff.
  • In the day time you save on electricity or lights as you can simply have your happy window bringing in enough light for your work at the sink.
  • For decades planning a sink under your window has been a regular feature as it was easier to fill and drain water outdoors from an exterior wall.

Some Vastu Tips:

Every kitchen should have at least one window facing the east. The early soft hazel light of the sun brings in pure happy energy and also brightens up the kitchen. There is no need for lighting in the day time. Happy ventilation is provided. North east direction is best for sinks. Vastu says that if you balance the water element in your kitchen, you prosper in wealth.

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So there we see that having a window to look through while you’re at it, your wet job at the sink becomes a blissful dreamy affair as nature and you meet to bring you a clean, fresh and new day.

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