Architects: Building Responsibly

By: | September 30 , 2022

Incidents such as the Grenfell Tower incident in the United Kingdom, the Dwelling Building incident in South Korea, the Nasser Tower incident in the United Arab Emirates, and many others served as a wake-up call to the cladding material industries.

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When the world is drowning in problems, it’s the amalgamation of human responsibility with the aid of innovation that can safeguard the industry. In terms of construction safety measures, the invention of Eurobond fire-retardant ACP was a gift to mankind.

Architects can protect society from the dangers of fire. The spaces that they build become peaceful habitats for the individuals that reside or work in them. By using Eurobond fire-retardant ACP, the architect safeguards the lives of numerous humans, their dreams, and most importantly, their peace! Architects, by being responsible, can make real estate a safe haven.

Why Fire-Retardant Series?

  • Non-combustible

The pure aluminium core prevents combustion, and the mineral core’s self-extinguishing characteristics allow for fire protection.

  • Low, Non-toxic Smoke

The mineral core releases a minuscule bit of water when it comes into contact with fire, creating harmless water vapour and non-toxic smoke.

  • Improved Evacuations

The use of Eurobond Fire Retardant Panels allows for safer evacuations by limiting the intensity and spread of the fire.

  • Superior Power

Our panels’ high-impact strength makes them ideal for a range of applications, particularly in high-rise constructions.

  • Certified and Tested

At well-known testing facilities like Exova, Thomas Bell Wright, ARAI, CPRA, and Shriman, the goal of Eurobond FR ACPs is to surpass expectations.

  • Core Innovation

The panels have the highest strength-to-weight ratio available and a sturdy core made of minerals (Aluminium Trihydroxide + Magnesium Dihydroxide), making them constantly construction-friendly.

In order to make these buildings safe, Eurobond, being a responsible ACP brand, decided to launch its FR series of ACP that will help an architect to take a step toward safety and fulfill its responsibility. Eurobond unites with the architect’s responsibility to make real estate a safe haven that is free from fire. The responsibility that leads to a peaceful tomorrow.

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