4 Types of Door Lock for Your Home or Office

By: | September 27 , 2022

Each and every individual usually values and appreciates their houses. Home is not just a place to relax, unwind and spend some quality time with friends and family, it is a person’s biggest investment. It is for this reason that we naturally make an effort so as to look after it and keep it in good shape. Your home is also the place where you would keep all your possessions and hence you need to safeguard it from any kind of loss. This is why you need to ensure that your house has the best security. How can that be done? The first step would be to ensure that all your doors have proper locks on them. Doors have a lot more to it that anyone might ever think. Door locks are rather essential and can provide security and safety like no other tool or appliance. They are going to act as a barrier to keep your facility safe and thereby maintain privacy.

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However, when you head out to make a purchase, there are several options available which can be rather overwhelming. There are several door lock types and several factors that you would need to consider when you make a purchase. Listed below are the most commonly used locks and their applications.

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Deadbolts are one of the best door lock types as it provides the best protection against a break-in or a burglary. These come in mainly three varieties – Lockable thumbturn, single and double. These locks are moved by turning a key or a knob without the use of a spring. The deadbolts feature a distinctive locking mechanism which can resist battering, physical attacks and boring. Also, these cannot be opened with a tool or knife from the outside. The single cylinder deadbolts are undoubtedly the simplest ones and can easily be activated from one side with the help of a key.

Knob Locks


The knob locks are the most common type of door lock and are often installed in residential spaces. These serve as the primary source of security for most of the doors. The cylinder of the lock is located on the knob instead of the door and is therefore advised by the experts to never use it for security on the external doors. However, these are great to be used on the inner doors. When buying complete knob setups it is important to ensure that it has proper handedness and back set.



Padlocks are the only kind of lock which isn’t permanently attached to something. They are portable, come in a range of sizes and are free standing. These generally come in two varieties – combination and keyed. The keyed padlocks are available in several subtypes like keyable, keyed alike and keyed different. These kinds of locks are rather easy to recognize because of their looped-handle shackle shape and their mobile nature. They have a shouldered shackle, a part wherein the padlock shoulders raise the sides of the shackle so as to prevent bolt cutters from cutting through it.

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Mortise Locks


The mortise locks are generally found on entry glass doors, commercial doors and a few apartment doors. These locks comprise of an internal system that makes them more of locksets than simple locks. They are available in both heavy and light duty models and stay secure by using a cam and a set screw that helps in creating the locking mechanism. These locksets can have either levels or knobs that comprise of a cylindrical body. The cylindrical component is available in various lengths and heights for different kinds of doors.

Other than all of the above, you can also find door locks like – cam locks, wall mounted locks, rim latch locks and much more. Make sure to buy the best one for your house or office.

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