16 Door Lock Types To Secure Your Home & Office

By: | February 15 , 2024

There are multiple types of door locks available in the market and they have their distinctive uses because every individual values and appreciates their security & privacy. Home is not just a place to relax, unwind, and spend quality time with friends and family. It is a person’s biggest investment. For this reason, we naturally make an effort to look after it and keep it in good shape. Your home is also the place where you would keep all your possessions, and hence you need to safeguard it from any kind of loss. This is why you must ensure that your house has the best security. How can that be done? The first step would be to ensure that all your doors have proper locks on them. Doors have a lot more to them than anyone might ever think. Door locks are essential and provide security and safety like no other tool or appliance. They will act as a barrier to keep your facility safe and thereby maintain privacy.

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However, several options are available when you head out to make a purchase, which can be rather overwhelming. There are several door lock types and factors that you need to consider when you make a purchase.

List Of 16 Door Lock Types:

  1. Deadbolts
  2. knob Locks
  3. Padlocks
  4. Mortise Locks
  5. Lever Handle
  6. Latch Locks
  7. Smart Locks
  8. Disc Lock
  9. Electronic Locks
  10. Single Cylinder Deadbolt
  11. Cam Lock
  12. Venting Lock
  13. Cylindrical Lever Lock
  14. Single Lever Lock
  15. Double Lever Lock
  16. Euro Cylindrical lock

Look at 16 door lock types commonly used in homes & offices.

1. Deadbolts:


Deadbolts are one of the best door lock types as they provide the best protection against a break-in or a burglary. There are mainly three varieties – Lockable thumb turn, single, and double. These locks are moved by turning a key or a knob without the use of a spring. The deadbolts feature a distinctive locking mechanism that can resist battering, physical attacks, and boredom. Also, these cannot be opened with a tool or knife from the outside. The single-cylinder deadbolts are undoubtedly the simplest ones and can easily be activated from one side with the help of a key.


  • They are simple to find and install.
  • They make it simple to move around your home from room to room.
  • They maintain the security of your residential property when installed with a deadbolt.

2. Knob Locks:


Door knob locks are the most common type of door lock and are often installed in residential spaces. These serve as the primary source of security for most of the doors. The lock’s cylinder is located on the knob instead of the door, and it is therefore advised by the experts to never use it for security on the external doors. However, these are great to be used on the inner doors. When buying complete knob setups, it is important to ensure that it has proper handedness and backset.


  • They have a strong security and protection system.
  • Its strength makes it nearly impossible for a thief to enter through the entrance.
  • It is quite easy to open and close, which makes it quite popular.

3. Padlocks:


Padlocks are the only kind of lock that isn’t permanently attached to something. They are portable, come in a range of sizes, and are free-standing. These generally come in two varieties – combination and keyed. The keyed padlocks are available in several subtypes like keyable, keyed alike, and keyed differently. These locks are rather easy to recognize because of their looped-handle shackle shape and mobile nature. They have a shouldered shackle, a part wherein the padlock shoulders raise the sides of the shackle to prevent bolt cutters from cutting through it.


  • They are portable and easy to use so in contrast to other types,
  • They are not affixed to a door or anything else that uses it permanently.
  • To secure a location and deter theft or vandalism, they can be fixed to a door, gate, chain, or fence.

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4. Mortise Locks:


The mortise locks are generally found on entry glass doors, commercial doors, and a few apartment doors. These locks comprise an internal system that makes them more locksets than simple locks. They are available in both heavy and light-duty models and stay secure by using a cam and a set screw that helps create the locking mechanism. These locksets can have either levels or knobs that comprise a cylindrical body. The cylindrical component is available in various lengths and heights for different kinds of doors.

Other than all of the above, you can also find door locks like – cam locks, wall-mounted locks, rim latch locks, and much more. Make sure to buy the best one for your house or office.


  • It can be secured from both ends.
  • They are available in different sizes.
  • It is perfect for kids’ rooms by enabling doors to be closed or secured without being closed.

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5. Lever Handle:

Lever Handle

They are commonly used for commercial interior entryways. Because they have a large push-down style handle rather than a knob that one must grasp and turn, they are simpler to open than ones with knobs. These are frequently employed when handicap accessibility is crucial. Additionally, they are the best option if you have an entrance that cannot accommodate a lock with a deep case.


  • They are a distinctive fashion statement and a timeless accessory.
  • The lever handles are strong and feature modern designs.
  • They have a sizable pushdown handle that is simple to grasp and turn, making them simple to open.

6. Latch Locks:

Latch Locks

These come with a top-edge-angled, spring-loaded bolt. When someone opens a gate by turning the handle, latches are intended to retract and disengage. The pressure from the spring will be released once the bolt reaches a certain point, causing it to fully extend and quickly close into the strike plate, securing the entrance and holding it shut.


  • They will automatically close the entrance so you don’t have to close it manually.
  • They are more robust and challenging to pick.
  • When compared to other types, they are more convenient and user-friendly.

7. Smart locks:

Smart locks

Without a doubt, these smart door locks are the most convenient options. With These gadgets installed on your entrances, you don’t have to worry about carrying the house keys. Its automatic opening and securing system, which is activated via smartphones and biometric readers, makes a super smart and easy-to-access solution for your home and office.


  • They only permit authorized individuals to have exclusive access.
  • The security standards can be put into place following your needs.
  • They can’t be easily tampered with, as is frequently the case with latches or keys.

8. Disc lock:

Disc lock

These are frequently used in bigger institutions and businesses and are renowned for being simple to rekey by changing the core without disassembling it. The standard operator key opens it in the same way as other keys, while the control key, when used, removes the entire core’s interior without removing any screws.


  • They can be quickly rekeyed
  • Due to their high-security system, they are excellent for offices and godowns.
  • It is ideal for high-security locations due to the double key.

9. Electronic Lock:

Electronic Lock

They are innovative security systems that help to secure your home. You may remotely open and close your entrance with this type of device. They completely replace your regular keys. Because of their cutting-edge security systems, they are widely available for residential and commercial use. There are several types of keyless electronic security systems.


  • Because of its functionality and additional convenience, most businesses, car owners, and homeowners choose these over traditional ones.
  • Since they automatically close, installing them will allow you to relax.

10. Single Cylinder Deadbolt:

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

On one side, it contains a slot for a key, and on the other, there is some kind of knob or turning mechanism, commonly a thumb-turn that resembles a straightforward lever and turns just like a key. Typically, this rotating mechanism is positioned such that it faces inside, where it can be used to close the gate without the need for keys.


  • Both purchasing and installing these products are less expensive.
  • The homeowner may utilize them from the inside, which is considerably more convenient.
  • It will be simple for those inside to leave the building in an emergency.

11. Cam Lock:

Cam Lock

It is a kind of fastener that is frequently used in the construction of cabinets. They maintain the cabinets’ integrity while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

They are cylindrical fasteners that are utilized in many different forms of furniture, including cabinets. Cam locks are frequently seen in kits for cabinets and furniture. It enables customers to put together furniture and cabinets fast and easily.


  • They are incredibly adaptable and may be found in a range of materials, sizes, and shapes.
  • The rotating disc cylinder technology ensures that it won’t be impacted by the weather.

12. Venting Lock:

Venting Lock

Two strikes are included, allowing the gate to be closed and opened in either the open or closed position. These are typically used on sliding or double-hung doors. Additionally, they have Key Security, which is very hard to breach. Its pick-proof construction guarantees that burglars or intruders cannot enter your property without the owner’s consent.


  • They restrict access to the building to only authorized personnel with keys.
  • It is simple to open and close them.
  • They are sturdy and long-lasting.

13. Cylindrical Lever Lock:

Cylindrical Lever Lock

They are the most popular type that is available and are frequently employed in applications involving single or double bores. While a latch bolt is fitted into a bore on the edge of the door, also known as the edge prep of the gate, these are installed into a hole or bore, that is cut in the face of the entryway.


  • It can be quickly rekeyed.
  • It can be reconfigured easily into a water tumbler and disk tumbler latches.
  • It can be set up as single or double-cylinder bolts.

14. Single Lever Lock:

Single Lever Lock

It’s a sophisticated security system that not only prevents entry into a building but also functions as an open gate from the inside for anybody desiring to leave. They are utilized in a variety of locations, including schools, nursing homes, offices, hospitals, commercial buildings, and more. When a user pushes down on the lever, the deadbolt and lever latch retract at the same time, opening the latch in a single motion.


  • They are quite versatile and for that reason, they are used in residential homes as well as commercial buildings.
  • You can select a lever in a huge range of sizes, designs, and colors.

15. Double Lever Lock:

Double Lever Lock

This comprises a slotted lever set and a bolt. The levers must be raised to a specific height when the key is turned for the bolt to pass; if the levers are too low or too high, the bolt cannot pass. It’s an improved and safer version of the earlier lever tumbler, which is simpler to pick and break because you only need to lift the lever high enough for the bolt to pass through.


  • They are more difficult to pick than other types because of their complexity.
  • It has seen several advancements that enable it to be made flatter and thinner without sacrificing its security, offering homeowners greater design and aesthetic freedom.

16. Euro Cylindrical lock:

Euro Cylindrical lock

It has a multi-point securing system that is typically used in combination with them on front gates, making them another frequent type. A key is used to align the internal pin set in this cylinder’s pin and tumbler mechanism. Despite being coupled together, you can change a euro cylinder without changing the adjacent multi-point securing system, which makes changing the closing mechanism simpler.


  • These cylinders can be key-aligned so that one key can work for multiple cylinders.
  • It can be adapted to have an internal thumb turn from the standard keyway on each side for easy internal operation.

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