Know All About the Different Types of Locks and Their Uses Before You Purchase One!

By: | September 27 , 2022

Have you ever thought of the situation if an outsider opens your house door and gets in? No, your door lock never really gave you the chance to think about that. Given that, a door lock ensures your privacy and security. But gone are the days when the door locks were only a concern of security.

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Nowadays, it concerns the interiors and the designs of the space, and thus you need to be very selective while purchasing a door lock. There are certain factors as well, which you must consider before purchasing one.

  • Consider the brand&
  • The appearance of the lock
  • Material
  • Convenience
  • Mechanism

#1 Glass Door Locks

Glass doors are one of the most stylish elements that you can install to add the aesthetic vibes to your space. The glass doors can be used in the entrance and exits of the homes, offices, and shops, and ensures security and safety of the area as well. Apart from doors, it can also be used in cabinets and showcases. There are, however, a variety of glass door locks that can be installed, depending on your purpose.

Deadbolts: The particular lock is ideal for a sliding glass door and comes with high reliability and strength. It has a double glass door lock on it and can work with either a single cylinder or a double cylinder, which is led by a key mechanism. If you have installed a single-cylinder, then it will only accept the external lock key, while a double cylinder would accept keys for both the external as well as the internal lock.

Glass to Glass Door: With dual slots, one for a key and another for a knob, the glass to a glass door. It can also be found with a knob on both sides or can also be seen with a single key lock mechanism.

Handle Lock: If you have a door with a handle attached to it, then you can keep it locked instead of attaching a lock to the door. There is a lot of variety when it comes to the door locks such as flush, hook, mount, clamp, etc. and all of them come with either a mortise lock or a europrofile cylinder lock, which remains present at the back of the lock.

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#2 Drawer Lock

Drawers are among the most conveniently used spaces and are most commonly used to store your security items and essential valuables. Thus the requirement of a security lock arises that would keep it protected from threats like theft and burglary. There are ample locks that have been explicitly designed for the drawers, and we will introduce you to two such bolts.

Cam Locks: These are the most simple drawer locks and come with a critical mechanism, thus ensuring your security. These locks consist of a cam and a base – the key is inserted into the base, and the cam works as the lever, which is used to lock up the doors, lockers, cabinets, boxes, and drawers. If you possess valuable items that require extra security, then using such a drawer lock can be apt.

Combination Lock: It comes with either a single dial or comes in multiple dials with the number pad. The individual using the particular lock needs to set a combination of numbers as the password to unlock the drawer. The discs, which are attached to the dial, are responsible for locking and unlocking the drawer.

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#3 Wardrobe Locks

Wardrobes are not only to store your clothing and dressing accessories, but they are often used to keep valuables and important documents. During a situation of theft or burglary, thus it becomes one of the foremost targets. Therefore, it is crucial to get the locks that are specially designed for the wardrobe. These locks are designed, keeping in mind such scenarios and ensures complete safety and security of your possessions.

Cam Wardrobe Lock: Equipped with a cylinder, the cam wardrobe lock has a piece of metal attached to the base. The metal base is responsible for operating the rotation of the bolt when the key is turned, and the key can be removed no matter whether it is locked or unlocked.

Push Locks: If you have a cupboard or a drawer with sliding shutters, then a push lock can come to your use. The lock is attached to the frame of the door, and you need to push the door by applying force to it while opening or closing it.

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#4 Smart Drawer Lock

With the technologies reaching heights and the world becoming smart, the locks for your drawers have become smart too. These specially designed intelligent locks come with top-notch features, which allow you to unlock your lock without a key, and even without touching the lock.

Bluetooth Smart Drawer Lock: You can now unlock the drawer with just a tap on your phone and close it in the same way as well. The particular smart lock comes with a keyless mechanism, and the application installed in your phone becomes the key, while unlocking. You never need to worry about losing the keys anymore after installing the lock.

Smart Induction Drawer Lock: Unlock multiple drawers with an RFID card that ensures automatic unlocking and can ensure high safety. The tongues and latches of the lock are made of metal, quite sturdy, and are highly durable. With such a mechanism, you do not even need to touch the drawer to unlock it.

Having introduced you to the various types of door locks, you can now go ahead and choose the ideal lock that would meet your considerations and suit your purpose.

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