Tinted Glass Vs Privacy Glass

By: | September 13 , 2022

If you have bought a new house or looking to darken the shade of your existing windows, often you will be posed with the conundrum of whether to opt for tinted or privacy glass. Through this article, we are going to explain the differences between the two and also touch upon the various pros and cons as well. This will ensure you will be in a better position to choose when it comes to arriving at a decision between the tinted glass and privacy glass.

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Window Tint

What is a Window Tint?

Window tints are generally aftermarket films applied to a window and consist of several layers designed to block UV rays and keep out heat and glare from penetrating into the house. It consists of a transparent paper with an adhesive side that bonds to the inner side of the glass and comes in varying degrees of colours, shades and UV rejection options.

Major window film or tint manufacturers either incorporate carbon or metal onto the laminate to instill heat resistance and anti-glare properties. Most people prefer carbon though as it not only naturally absorbs heat but also doesn’t interfere with radio and mobile devices, unlike metal films.

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  • Offers 99% UV protection against both UVA and UVB rays while also cutting out glare
  • Window films reject heat and, play a vital role in decreasing a house’s interior temperature which reduces the need for air conditioning.
  • Window films also hold the window glass together and provide an additional line of security thus making it tougher for burglars to break in.
  • Results in more energy savings which in turn helps in lowering the environmental impact while also leaving a smaller carbon footprint
  • Can be peeled off and replaced


  • Not all tints are made equal and hence the cheaper ones aren’t scratch resistant and also prone to damage
  • They have limited life as some window films can break down over time

Privacy Glass

What is a Privacy Glass?

Privacy glass is a custom made at a factory and comes equipped as with a layer of tint. Essentially a coloured glass, it doesn’t have any heat resistant or UV resistant properties. Unlike window tints, though, it doesn’t bring any benefit to the house and as it’s darker than a tint, it can also hamper visibility. The window itself is darkened at the factory itself and provides a higher standard of privacy for you, your house and your possessions

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  • Provides unparalleled privacy to house occupants and personal items
  • Privacy glass doesn’t break down over time and is a permanent fixture thus negating the need for replacement
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Permanent coloration and can’t be removed unlike window tints
  • To get the same benefits of a window film, one has to install window film over the factory privacy glass
  • Very limited visibility at night or during rainy or foggy conditions

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