What’s So Great About Bay Windows?

By: | August 05 , 2022
Bay Windows

Windows are a necessary part of any home. They bring in light and heat and open up spaces that were small or cramped. Different types of windows also add to the aesthetic of a home and none more so than the bay window.

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Bay windows are a delightful piece of architectural whimsy. When installed correctly, they add a certain charm to one’s home. In fact, even people who don’t have bay windows in their homes want them.

What is the attraction of the bay window? Why are they in demand even today when form follows function in most architectural layouts? Let’s take a look.

What Are Bay Windows?

Before we can understand why so many people prefer bay windows, we need to know what bay windows are, especially since they are often confused with bow windows. This confusion isn’t surprising since the two look very similar, but there are key differences. A bay window is composed of three panels, of which the central one is the largest with a smaller panel on each side. A bow window, on the other hand, has four or more panels which are more or less equal and it forms a more rounded structure.

Bay windows are usually found in older homes, especially those dating back to Victorian times. The windows came into fashion in the mid-to-late 1800s. They provided a great way for people to look out and observe what was going on in the streets while maintaining their own privacy.

What’s So Great About Bay Windows?

Without beating about the bush, the appeal of bay windows lies in the fact that they are simply meant to be enjoyed. They provide great views, especially if you live in regions with beautiful landscapes such as hills and mountains. They add a certain style to your home; depending on the design of the window, they can add a vintage charm or enhance a modern style. Apart from this, though, there are other ways in which bay windows add to your home.

Bay windows allow more natural light to come in. The shape of a bay window specifically allows sunlight to come in from three windows instead of only one. It makes the room look brighter for a longer period of time. Because of this, a bay window is an ideal choice for a study, a nursery or a living room.

Thanks to their structure, bay windows also add to the space of a room. Since they protrude outwards from the wall, they provide an extra space, which depending on your wishes can be used for storage or for a cosy seating place.

There is no denying the fact that bay windows definitely add to what is known as the ‘curb appeal’ of a house. They add to the architectural value of the house more than ordinary windows would and the space they add helps increase the square footage. The real estate value of a house can only go up when a bay window is involved.

The two panes on the side can be opened, although the middle one is fixed. This means that you have added ventilation in the room. Leaving the panes open allows fresh air to get in and the angles of the panes ensure that there is a better chance of a breeze cooling the room.

It is important to think carefully before having bay windows installed. The cost of installation can be quite high and if the window isn’t installed properly it can cause a lot of structural problems in the long run. However, overall, it is fairly obvious that the advantages of a bay window outweigh the disadvantages significantly. So grab your cuppa and enjoy the sunshine and the rains that summer brings from your bay window.

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