What is Flamed Finish in Stone?

By: | September 15 , 2022

Flamed finish is a thermal finish in hard natural stones which is rough and has no shine. In this technique of flaming the stone – a high intensity flame is applied to the natural stone such that the surface burns and all the crystals are visible. Some stones might go through a colour change due to the flaming process, in such instance the stone is blasted using a water jet.

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The characteristics of flamed finish in stone are –

  • The surface is rough and heavily textured.
  • The flamed surface cannot be applied on all kinds of natural stone. It is common in granite and some hard stones of the limestone variety.
  • It has a very natural and faded look.
  • They are available in very mild and muted earthy shades.
  • It is slip resistant and moisture resistant.
  • It is highly rough and textured so it might be difficult to clean.

It finds it application in indoors and outdoors especially in areas that wet and are prone to water. It is extensively used in swimming pool decks, patios, outdoor landscape pathways. In certain areas polished and flamed granite are used together to create an interesting and contrasting design feature.

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