6 Flooring Options to Make Your Bathroom Skid proof for Elderly & Children

By: | September 21 , 2022

Anti-slip is our first priority because those slippery tiles have a fearful way of alarming us the moment we step in for our business. And one has to be even more careful with the elderly and the children. The tiles in your bathroom play a very important role in ensuring the safety of the occupants.

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So, what kind of flooring should we have or how can we accessorise our bathroom space that we don’t slip and hurt ourselves?

Here are 6 Anti-Slip Flooring Options / Tiles To Make Your Bathroom Skidproof

    1. Ceramic or Porcelain Flooring

      porcelain flooring
      We begin with ceramic or porcelain flooring. Ceramic and porcelain tiling gives a smooth and durable surface. You might not trip or slip on it but it is still more slippery than any of the others.

However, if you have ceramic or porcelain flooring you can put a rug or a small carpet on the floor so that the slipping is reduced to a minimum.

    1. Glass Flooring

      Glass flooring
      Glass is awesome. The sheen, the reflection and the sheer arrogance of glass is breathtaking. It is strong and durable. You can make a variety of designs on it to suit your taste. There is literally no end to colors, patterns and textures. This option is also slippery, especially for old people and children. Put out a mat or a rug. This would give ample protection and be an anti-slip arrangement.

    2. Non-slip Vinyl Flooring

      Non slip vinyl flooring
      This is one of the best anti-slip you can have as it offers loads of friction. It is also thick and padded so even if one falls or trips you won`t get much injured. It does not stain and is water proof. It is very durable and will last you for years. Can give a cluttered, heavy feel and must be kept very clean. It is also very versatile. It can be textured to give a wooden or even marble effect.

    3. Cork or Bamboo Flooring

      Cork or Bamboo Flooring
      This can absorb moisture so excess water gets absorbed which will prevent slipping. There is a huge lot of variation and design offered by various manufacturers.

Water gets absorbed, so the fallout is that mildew or mould can settle in so regular drying is a must. Make sure there is good circulation of air and ventilation to allow drying of the floor.

  1. Carpet Flooring

    Carpet Flooring
    Carpet Flooring is another option: Its soft cushiony feel gives great clemence and water would get absorbed but it also must not be allowed to get too wet and regular drying up is important. Or it will get moldy. Must be cleaned meticulously and regularly.

  2. Rubber Flooring

    Rubber Flooring
    This is a real blessing though a little expensive. It is completely waterproof. Even though wet you will not slip because of friction. It is not only easy to clean but also if you fall, injury is impossible because of the texture of rubber. Has a buffering effect.

  3. Accessories

    There are anti slip strips available which can be stuck on surfaces at strategic positions like near the wash basin or around the toilet seating which will provide friction. There are also anti fatigue mats which serve the same purpose.

If you are all out for marble or other stones or hardwood for your floor you will need such accessories too.
So here was a brief- all on flooring, anti trip and safe. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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