How to increase the strength of concrete?

By: | July 20 , 2022

Concrete is the basic material for RCC construction in any building. It is mainly used in casting the building structure hence it is very important to ensure that concrete attains its maximum strength. The factors that help concrete attain its maximum strength are –

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  • Concrete should be properly cured for a minimum of 7 days. The horizontal slabs can be cured making water pools around the slab while the vertical members can be cured with water and tying wet gunny bags around them.
  • The water cement ratio should be adequate. In case the water is more all the aggregate shall settle down thus reducing the strength of concrete. In case the cement is more the mixture might be strong but is prone to cracks because of the heat generated due to hydration resulting in loss of strength.
  • Well graded angular aggregate with less surface area will result in a homogeneous mixture and an increased strength of concrete.
  • The water cement aggregate should be mixed properly so as to create a uniform concrete semi liquid mix.
  • The vibration of concrete before it sets helps in removing the air pockets and creating a dense mixture with increased strength.

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