How is an Insulating Glass assembled?

    By May 25 , 2016

    Insulated glass also known as double glazing is assembled in the following steps-

    • Laminated or Toughened glass with a thickness ranging between 3mm to 10mm is used to create a double glazing window. Two or three window panes are used to create double or triple glazing windows.
    • The double or triple glass panes are further separated by a “spacer”. A ,Spacer, is defined as a metal piece that separates the panes of glass in an insulating glass system so as to create a seal in the gas space between them.
    • Holes are drilled into the spacer bar and it is filled with a desiccant like silica gel. The desiccant helps in absorbing in any kind of water vapour that might be present in the gap. The holes are then sealed with a sealant.
    • Now the glass panes are set along the sides of the spacer bar and pressed with an automatic pressing unit.
    • In the last step a sealant is applied on the external sides of the double glass panes . and the insulated glass panel is ready.