What is the difference between Single Pane Glass Windows and Insulating Glass Windows?

By: | November 01 , 2019

The main difference between Single pane and Double pane Insulating glass windows are

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  • Single Pane windows comprise of a single piece of glass while insulating glass windows consists of two or three glass panes.
  • Single pane glass gets directly heated by the sun and transmits heat while in insulating windows the double panes of glass are separated by a vacuum which prevent the transmission of heat. This type of double glazing serves the function of thermal insulation of the building which significantly reduces the heating and air conditioning cost.
  • Insulating glass is a very good insulator of sound and helps in noise reduction while single glass allows transmission of sound.
  • Single Pane glass is most commonly used in most of the buildings while Insulating Glass is used mainly for energy conservation of buildings. Insulating glass is also one of the prime design requisite for sustainable architecture of buildings and Green buildings.

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