What is the difference between Annealed and Tempered / Toughened Glass?

By: | May 25 , 2024

Annealed and Tempered Glass is a very popular type of glass available in the market nowadays. They are the most commonly used glass with some basic differences between them like-

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Tempered glass is more durable and stronger than Annealed Glass. It is much harder and thicker than annealed glass and hence can withstand more wear and tear than Annealed glass.

toughened glass


The initial cost of buying Toughened glass is more than Annealed glass. Tempered glass takes a longer and more elaborate process to make than annealed glass. Hence annealed glass is a choice where there are budget constraints.


Safety is a very important concern while choosing between Annealed and Tempered Glass. When annealed glass breaks it breaks into many sharp pieces and can cause injury to anyone around. When tempered glass is subjected to any pressure it will break into small and rounded pieces of glass which might not cause any injury to anyone.


Annealed Glass can work well in low traffic areas where no one can touch it. Tempered or Toughened glass should be put in high traffic areas where it can be subjected to pressure and wear and tear.

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