How to Choose the Right Door Closer for Your Office?

By: | September 27 , 2022
Door Closer

One of the most important considerations you have to make is choosing your door closer to the office. It’s essential to choose the right one because there’s plenty of options available, so getting the correct one can be confusing.

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Here’s a short guide on how you can choose the perfect closer for your office –

The door – It would help if you considered the door before you end up deciding on the closer. It’s the part that holds everything else together – from the hinges to the stoppers. Is your door an external or internal door? Does it have an outward or inward opening? Ask yourself these questions before you invest in the closer. For doors that close outward and inwards, you can choose closers with angle brackets and are model specific.

Space – For any closer, whether it’s a hydraulic door closer or some other type, you need to consider the space you’re working with too. You must check the height and width of the door and the frame. Generally, heavier doors require a closer that has more power for regular, optimized performance. If the doors have a narrow frame, you might have to consider working with a concealed closers.

Frequency of traffic – The frequency of traffic and usage cycles also play a role in determining the type of closer you’re looking to get. Low traffic closers generally see around 10,000 cycles a year. Medium cycle frequency doors see anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 cycles a year, while high cycle is anything above 100,000 cycles.

You could even consider an automatic door closer if you have senior citizens in the home, as they need a delayed time to allow the door to close and with less force. Offices in schools, hospitals, malls, etc. can be considered as high frequency.

Speed of closing force required – You also need to consider heavy-duty door closers for doors that require heavier and larger forces. Door closers generally have strengths that can be adjusted to cater for the weight/size of the types of doors. In small rooms, you might require additional forces to overcome other factors such as air pressure. You also need a higher size of power along with a closer and latching action to help reduce the occurrence of doors slamming.

Mounting – There are different types of mounters also that play a role in determining the closers. Generally, surface overhead closers are used commonly with different types such as parallel arm surface mounted, regular arm surface mounted, slide-arm, and transom-mounted.

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Concealed door closers – are much more aesthetic and beautiful. They are hidden in view in the door or the door jamb or within the transom. Floor springs are a long-lasting option and are most durable. They work with a nice blend of functionality and aesthetics and work best when you have heavier doors or areas that see much heavier traffic usage.

Fire safety – Fire safety controls also depend on the type of closers you choose. Whether it’s a sliding door closer or any other type, they need to follow specific protocols –

  • CE marked closers mean the product is fit to meet the needs of all the legal fire safety requirements
  • They need to be well maintained and fitted properly
  • They must not include any mechanical hold-open devices too. If required, an electromagnetic closer has to be connected to the fire alarm system.
  • The above factors can play a significant role in saving lives in case of fire.

Delayed action – This is an option that allows doors to remain open for a certain amount of time. These doors must close at an adjustable speed so that there is a safe passage for personnel carrying bulky items or wheelchair users.

Backcheck – This prevents the doors from being suddenly open due to wind or people. It can also prevent damage to the frame, door, property, or hardware.

Latching and closing speed – Adjustable closing speed can determine how quickly doors close after they are opened. It allows for longer closing time so that the disabled, elderly, or young people can pass safely through it. The adjustable latching speed can allow a proper adjustment for the final few degrees when the door is closing. This is not connected to the speed adjustment of the main closing door, and they can be set to slow down or speed up for the final inches.

These are some of the reasons you need to consider before you purchase a closer. At McCoyMart, we have a range of some of the best door closers from the best brands in the market. You can choose from the likes of Godrej, Dorset, Hafele, Ozone Overseas, and more. We only work with known brands with proven quality and will deliver a quality product as you please.

Choose from our range and consider the other factors before you purchase. Door closers play an essential role in the door’s safety and functionality, and they need to be properly considered before making any purchase.

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