MDF vs. Plywood vs. Particle Board

By: | October 05 , 2023


  • MDF is an engineered wood where soft and hard wood fibers are cut into fine fibers such that no wood grains or knots are visible. Glues are added to the wood fibers and they are produced into highly dense compact boards. MDF board could be finished by a film that replicates any desired finish or design.
  • Can be immediately used for manufacturing ready made furniture.
  • It is dense hence heavier than particle boards.
  • Low cost, smooth and more durable than particle board.


  • Plywood is an engineered wood made by pasting layers of veneer and composing it into one solid board. The cross graining technique is used to create a very strong board. They are available in different thickness.
  • It has to be finished with veneer or laminate before making the finished product.
  • It is difficult to cut but is a very strong material.
  • It is expensive and durable

Particle Board

  • Particle Board is a combination of sawdust, wood shavings, sawmill shavings mixed together with resins. The mixture is further compressed and manufactured as Particle Boards. A colored film could be added as a top layer which imitates stone, veneer and a particular design.
  • Can be immediately used for manufacturing readymade furniture.
  • Lighter and cheap.
  • Cannot support heavy loads and prone to damage by water if it seeps in.

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