Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen – Vastu Tips, Colours for Kitchen

By: | September 29 , 2022

The rich and intellectual system of architecture followed in India, known as Vastu shastra has a great impact on the designing and layout of a house. For all the parts of a house including the kitchen, vastu shastra has some amazing arrangement rules.
From the direction of kitchen to the colour combinations you can use for your kitchen interior, everything is mentioned in the vastu shastra. To get a vastu compliant kitchen, here are the below given tips you can follow:

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  1. Orange or Red Colour for Kitchen Walls

    As per vastu shastra, the kitchen is a very important place in the home. Positive energy is supplied in the entire house through the kitchen in the form of healthy and nutritious food. As per the vastu experts, orange or red are the ideal wall colours for kitchen walls. Thus, choose a bright red or orange kitchen and revive the energy of your kitchen.

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  2. Green Kitchen Cabinets for Kitchen

    As per vastu, lemon yellow, green and orange are the most suitable vastu colours for kitchen cabinets. To enhance the positivity and grace of your kitchen, these are the bright and balanced shades that will make your kitchen vastu compliant. Choose any of these colours and enrich the positivity of your kitchen.

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  4. South East or North West Direction for Gas Stove

    As per vastu arrangements, the gas stove should be placed in the south east or north west direction of your kitchen. To keep the kitchen safe from fire and any damage, this position is proposed. Avoid placing the gas stove exactly beneath the cabinets and instead, accommodate a chimney in alignment to the gas stove.

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  5. Kitchen Sink in The North East

    Vastu shastra for kitchen sink showcases that the kitchen sink should always be set in the north east direction of the kitchen. This prevents any water leakage and damage. The water storage’s and purifiers too should be placed in the north east of the kitchen.

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  7. Bigger Windows in The East Direction of The Kitchen

    In the kitchen, all the big windows should be placed in the east direction. Early morning, as the sun rises, the beautiful sunrays would brighten up your kitchen with glorious lightings and thus, the windows should be placed in such a way the natural light can spread in your entire kitchen. This will eliminate the need of lamps and different lightings in the day time.

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  8. Marble Kitchen Flooring

    As per the vastu shastra, the kitchen flooring should consist of marble, mosaic or concrete tiles. These are highly durable tiles that provide a beautiful finishing as well as a clean and neat kitchen. These are the traditional tiles used for kitchen flooring since decades and are safe to use.

  9. Green Kitchen Countertops

    One of the best kitchen countertop colours is green as per the vastu shastra. In the kitchen, use of bright shades like orange, yellow, green etc bring positivity and energy and thus, choose a countertop or kitchen slab made up of these shades. You can use these shades for cooking platform, for countertops and for dining area for best results.

  10. Granite Kitchen Countertops

    The traditional countertop designs are generally made up of different stones and marble. As per vastu, countertops should be prepared of granite, quarts and any of the natural stone. These countertops are durable and highly appealing. Along with countertop, you can also use granite for walls.

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These are the tips you can use for designing your kitchen as per the vastu shastra. Designing your kitchen as per the rules of vastu will not only make it appear great but will also save you from any kitchen disaster.

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