What is Rapid Hardening Cement?

    By June 19 , 2017

    Rapid hardening Cement is a kind of cement which achieves strength very fast. The Strength achieved by Rapid hardening cement in 3 days is equivalent to the strength achieved by Ordinary Portland cement in 7 days. The hardening properties of cement are enhanced with the addition of 56% of tricalcium silicate. The improved early strength is achieved by the fineness of the cement.

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    Advantages of Rapid hardening cement

    The advantages of using Rapid hardening cement are –

    • It gains high strength in the early days and the formwork can be removed earlier as compared to other types of cement.
    • It requires a short period of curing.
    • There is a reduced shrinkage during curing and hardening of cement.
    • Rapid hardening cement is resistant to sulphate attacks.
    • Rapid hardening cement is used in areas like road pavements so that the traffic can be opened early. It is also used in manufacturing precast slabs, posts, electric poles, concreting in cold countries.
    • Rapid hardening Cement is Costly.
    • There is a good speed of construction as the cement sets rapidly.
    • It is a very durable cement which matches the fast pace of construction and budgets required to make projects operational.

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