What are the types of Fire Rated Glass?

    By May 18 , 2017

    Fire Rated glass are used to control the spread of fire, vapours and smoke.

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    Fire Rated Glass Types

    The Types of glass that are fire rated are –

    Wired Glass

    It is a fire rated glass made out of a glass sheet which has a wire mesh grid inside it. In case of an outbreak of fire the wire holds onto the glass when exposed to the heat of the fire.The main disadvantage of a wire mesh is that it might not be resistant to breakage due to impact. In many cases a film is applied on the glass so that in case the glass breaks due to impact the glass film hold onto the glass and no one is injured.

    Fire Rated Ceramic Glass

    This glass can resist high heat levels and are usually used as cooking gas tops, fireplace doors and safety glazing. It goes through a very high heat process which causes the crystallization of glass. The crystalized glass becomes very strong and very thermally stable.

    Specially Tempered Glass

    Normal Tempered glass has to be specially treated so as to become a specially tempered glass. Normal tempered glass has a fire rating of only 20 minutes which is not so suitable.

    Intumescent Glass

    This is a lacquered glass made of alternate layer of glass and laminate. This glass is very strong and has afire rating of 3 hours.