Which Plywood is The Best for Wardrobes in India

By: | October 18 , 2022

Plywood is a material that is considered to be the best alternative to wood. It is because they are aesthetically appealing as wood but cost much lesser than wood and the cost required to convert the wood into a wardrobe or furniture of your choice. While working on solid wood is labor intensive, working with plywood which is readily available in the sheet form in standard sizes makes it possible for the woodworkers to convert it into furniture and wardrobes quite easily. As there is scope for beautifying the plywood by polishing or gluing decorative veneer or laminate sheets, it is an ideal material for making wardrobes. While wooden almirah design with sunmica is quite a possibility, you can also make trendy and stylish inbuilt wardrobes using the best plywood for sale in the market

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What is plywood?

Plywood refers to thin sheets or slices of wood or veneers that are arranged in a particular way and glued and bonded together under high pressure. The bonding under high pressure ensures that it is easy to work on. The quality of glue used would determine whether the plywood is meant for use in interior or exterior or both. Before we go into the details of which plywood is good for wardrobe, it is important to consider the qualities of the plywood that would make it ideal for use in the making of furniture and wardrobes that would be subjected to considerable wear and tear on a regular basis.

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Quality Markers for the Best plywood

Since plywood essentially a result of a number of thin layers of plies that are bonded together, the quality of the plywood would vary largely depending on the types of veneers that are used in the ply. The other quality markers you should be careful about when you are thinking of choosing best plywoods for wardrobe include

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Core gaps

Core gaps- This refers to the gap that occurs between the layers of plies that are bonded together, you would be able to make a note of it if you view the side profile of the plywood. The layers of ply must be parallel without many gaps. Sometimes, gaps do occur. But, gaps of more than 2mm-3mm is indicative of the poor quality of the plywood.


Overlappings- This is again a feature that can be found by viewing the side profile. The lines of each ply that is used in the making of the plywood have to run straight. If it overlaps and the occurrence of overlap is over 2-3%, it might affect the overall quality of the plywood.

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Holding nails

Holding nails- This is a feature that has got to do with the work ability of the plywood. This is probably one of the tests which would clearly indicate whether the plywood is of the high quality or not. If the plywood layers split when it is nailed, it indicates a poor quality ply not at all suitable for furniture making or wardrobe making purposes.

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Thickness – The plywood should be of the thickness that it claims to be. It is indeed common to find low-quality manufacturers who might sell plywood with under thickness. You may find plywood that is sold as 12mm thick being just 10mm thick.


Appearance- The best plywood brands for wardrobes like green ply, century ply etc use high-grade veneer on the face of the sheet. This ensures that the wardrobe or furniture that is made using this features an attractive look after finishing.

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Weight- It is possible to have plywood of the same range of thickness of different weights. That is 12mm plywood sheet of a standard size of one brand could be lighter than the 12mm plywood sheet of another brand. It goes without saying that the one which is heavier is of better quality. The reason for the difference is the type of wood that is used for making the veneers. The Eucalyptus veneer is of better quality and is heavier than the veneer of the poplar tree.

Tested and certified plywood– Your search for which is the best plywoods for wardrobe in India would be easy if you have knowledge and understanding of the certifications and what each of them would mean.

The quality plywood is usually those that are ISI certified. You have got to look for the CM/L number as well as the grade number on the top of the ISI mark.

IS: 303- stands for commercial ply

IS: 710- stands for Marine Ply

IS: 1659 stands for blackboard

IS: 2002 stands for flush door

IS: 4900 stands for Shuttering plywood

The quality plywoods are those that are certified after testing and when they conform to the strict testing standards set by the government.

When you buy plywood of high quality manufactured by some of the leading manufacturers of branded plywood in India like Green ply, Century ply, Superior club prime, Western India, Anchor ply, Kenwood etc. and hand it to a skilled and creative wood workman, you can be assured of having a classy, durable and trendy in-built wardrobe that you would be proud of.

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