What is Façade Engineering?

By: | July 20 , 2022

Facade Design is one of the most important features of building architecture and the Elevation design always decides the overall aesthetics of the building. A skillfully designed exterior can create a very smart-looking energy efficient building and a very efficient cum productive interior work space for the occupants. As an intermediate medium between the exteriors and the interiors, the building envelope also plays a very important role in the exchange of heat and light.

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Of late ‘Façade Engineering’ is gaining momentum where façade engineers and consultants work in tandem with the architects , structural engineers, construction team, product manufacturers, and the building owner to create the building façade.

The façade engineers are well qualified and have to take care of and consider all aspects of building façade design which includes fabrication of building design elements, installation of the same, product performance of materials with respect to the climate and energy efficiency of the building, safety measures to be taken before and after installation, security, maintenance, efficient lighting technology, logistics, and easy manufacturing methodology.

Once these factors are taken care of a very well-designed external building façade can be achieved.

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