What is Glasswool?

    By July 25 , 2016

    Glaswool is an insulating material which is formed when glass is converted into thin fibers with thin layers air in between them. It is also known as Fiberglass insulation and is composed of sand and silica. The characteristics of glass wool are-

    • They are fire resistant till a temperature of 300 degree centigrade.
    • They are made of natural materials like sand and silica. 80% of the materials used to manufacture glass wool are recyclable materials.
    • They are very light weight, has very good tensile strength properties and is very easy to install. They are mainly used for hollow walls and dry wall insulation.
    • They are used to prevent any kind of heat loss especially in HVAC ducting systems.
    • They are very good insulators of sound and are used as an acoustic barrier in partitions that can prevent the transmission of sound.
    • They are highly used in auditoriums and suspended ceilings, roof insulation.
    • It is temperature resistant and can function within a temperature range of -50 degree centigrade to +250 degree centigrade.
    • Glasswool is an inorganic material which does not allow the growth of any kind of bacteria.