What is Point fixed Glazing – Patch fitting & Spider glass fitting?

By November 01 , 2019

With the advances in building technology the conventional curtain wall framing has been replaced with a sophisticated Point fixed glazing systems. This type of glazing results in a frame less facade created by a series of glass panes which are further sealed with silicone sealants. A large variety of sophisticated hardware is available in the market for installation of 10/12 mm toughened glass. They are used in structural glazing, glass entrances, glass shower cubicles, store fronts and glass doors.

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Patch Fittings

Patch Fittings

Patch fittings are used to hold doors in frames or to the glass facades so as to achieve maximum glass area and transparency. They are very sophisticated SS fittings and are easy to install. The patch fittings range from the floor springs to the upper pivots required to hold doors to the floor and to the glass structure.

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Spider fittings

Spider Glass Fittings

Spider fittings are used for exterior application. They are used in glass facades and canopy design and are used to connect multiple panels of glass together. They are designed to take the wind pressure loads and are specially used in areas where silicone and glass fins cannot support the glass. They are available in two way and four way spider fittings.

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