What is Switchable Glass -Electrochromic Glass?

By November 01 , 2019

Smart Glass is also known as Switchable Glass and is used to create Intelligent Window Systems. The Switchable glass is a glazing where the properties of glass change when voltage, heat or light is applied on it.The glass can change from transparent to translucent, can block certain wavelengths of light, can become opaque or tinted etc.

The glass that responds to heat is known as thermochromic glass, the glass that responds to light is photochromic glass and response of glass to electricity is electrochromic glass. They are used to fabricate smart window solutions. This system can be integrated with the Intelligent Building Management System (BMS) of the building.

Electrochromic materials are materials that change their properties when energized with a current and the glass which responds to electricity is known as Electrochromic glass. They form a part of the climate adaptive building envelope design.

They are used to create partitions, skylights, smart windows, glazing solutions which can control the amount of penetration of heat and light with the touch of a switch.

Electrochromic glass is a dynamic glass which eliminates the need for blinds and shades in the interiors , helps in saving energy costs by a minimum of 20% , reduces glare and heat energy.

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