Glass Door Fittings: Types & Uses

By: | October 13 , 2022

One of the most popular inclusions in the world of home architecture is glass fittings. They can be seen in various places, which include hotels, malls, airports, offices, and are an integral part of the structural architecture of places. They provide elegance in design and a transparent look that adds to the overall aesthetic.

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The glass doors and windows are popular today as they are found in premium malls and hotels. They are also used in residential properties to complement the overall theme and look. They require a bit of extra hardware, just like any other material for maximum efficiency. Without installing this hardware, the windows and glass doors won’t be able to sustain the force and attain the necessary durability.

Here are the different types of glass door fittings

#1 Glass Brackets

One of the essential hardware required to fit glass to the frame is glass brackets. They have a super smooth finish and are also available in a variety of styles and looks. The glass bracket design is pretty unique and can also be molded to fit the type of style you’d like for your windows and doors. They are generally manufactured with durable steel, and they can be easily accessed.

Uses of Glass Brackets – Glass brackets come with a variety of use-cases, including decks and balconies, as they can fit in compact spaces. They also provide a very stylish look, and you mustn’t break them. Due to the availability of a variety of glass brackets, you can choose the finish and thickness as well.

Types of glass brackets

  • Popular types of glass brackets include the SS type square bracket that can be used for holders, fitting brackets, hardware accessories, and more.
  • F-type glass fitting brackets come with high-end features that can withstand any wear and tear conditions, and they, too, are available in a variety of sizes and specifications.

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#2 Glass Connectors

Glass connectors are similar to glass hinges and come as different types. These include glass to glass and glass to wall type connectors. They are used to add multiple glasses within one straight form and can come in different shapes, including round, rectangle as well as positioned in angles like 90 and 180 degrees.

Uses of Glass Connector- Glass connectors are designed to fit into any requirements of a door precisely. The accessories are made of stainless steel and are generally used to ensure a glass partition remains sturdy and durable. Rooms made with glass can use a variety of glass connectors to make the interiors and units seem more aesthetic.

Types of glass connectors

  • The different types of glass connectors include the L-Glass connector that is used to join glass cubicles, a 90-degree glass connector used for joining the two corners of a display cube and two-way glass connectors that can be used for more reliable connection in between glass panes.
  • There are three-way glass connectors as well, which can be used to make display cubes. The glass tube connectors are used with various arm angles, adapters, and receivers as well.

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#3 Glass Door Handles

Door handles are elongated or round. They are fixed to doors for easier access. They are necessary pieces for closing and opening doors.

Uses  of Glass Door Handles- They are used to make it easier to facilitate opening and closing while also acting as an important component to locking doors. Depending on the style they are made, they come with specific features, including latching and deadbolt and security purposes.

Types of a glass door handle

  • There are different styles of glass door handles, which include the clamp-style door handle that is built into the door frame, flush pull handle that makes it easier to slide in and out of a room and hook style that is built into the handle, with internal locks.

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#4 Glass door Hinges

The hinges to a door play a key role in its overall functioning. The two clamps are covered with materials to avoid any friction. Hinges come in materials like stainless steel and nickel and are popular choices for consumers in India.

Uses  of Glass door Hinges- Glass door hinges are an add-on that makes the opening and closing of many types of doors much easier to handle.

Types of glass door hinges

  • There are a few types of hinges, including Projection hinges, that can fold back 180 degrees. They are seen in the dining room and garden doors.
  • The 360-degree pivot hinge is a popular type that supports glass doors from the bottom.
  • The T-Shaped Hinge has the horizontal component screwed directly onto the vertical element and frame of a door.
  • The other types include Strap Hinges, Antique Hinges, and more.

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#5 Glass Door Locks

These are the locks that people depend on to provide the necessary safety and security. They have a simple mechanism, but the strength of the material ensures that they do not allow anyone to barge into a room quickly.

Uses  of Glass Door Locks- These glass door locks can be installed to ensure constant security and sturdy locking even when you are away from home.

Types of Glass Door Locks

  • The different types of glass door locks include the Cam-lock that secure glass doors and can be used for simple locking conditions.
  • The Deadbolt lock comes in two varieties, including the single- and double-cylinder. The door with a single-cylinder deadbolt can be locked with a key from the outside and also unlocked by twisting a knob from the inside as well.
  • The Glass to Glass Door lock has slots for a key on one side and a knob on the other. These doors can be easily installed without drilling or cutouts. A combination lock has multiple dials with a code that needs to be entered before unlocking.

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#6 Glass Sliding Doors

These are doors that enhance the aesthetic of homes and also save on space as they don’t open or close horizontally.

Uses of Glass Sliding Doors – Glass sliding doors can be used to make it easier to enter rooms such as the balcony. They can be suspended or tracked and are also suitable patio doors.

Types of Glass Sliding Doors

  • The bi-fold sliding doors close in on one other and appear like bi-folding doors, providing the easier convenience to slide.
  • The Pocket sliding door comes with a glass panel that disappears into a wall when opened.
  • The Bypass doors are commonly used and consist of a top and a bottom portion that slides to one side.

Thus, with the help of these glass components, you will be able to create a stunningly aesthetic and functional house that lasts for years.

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