What is the difference between Concrete and Mortar?

By: | July 21 , 2022

Concrete and Mortar are essential construction materials used in each and every building. They are composed of sand, cement and water but have different composition and strength and cannot be used in replacement of the other. The hydrated cement mix forms the basic ingredients for Concrete and Mortar.

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The differences between Concrete and Mortar are-

  • Mortar has a high water to cement ratio while Concrete has a low water to cement ratio.
  • Mortar is made of cement, sand, lime and water. Concrete is made of cement, sand, water and aggregate.
  • Mortar is used as a binding agent used to bind brickwork or stones together. Concrete is used in construction of structural members like beams, columns, slabs and foundations.Concrete is further reinforced with steel bars to give it a very good tensile strength.
  • Mortar is a very thick paste while concrete is more fluid. Concrete hardens with curing and setting time.
  • Concrete is stronger and much durable than mortar hence it is used for structural projects.

Concrete and mortar can further be mixed in different proportions to get the desired properties required for the building purpose.

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