What is a PU Foam Sealant?

By: | November 02 , 2022

PU Foams are defined as expanding polyurethane material that is widely used in the building industry for filling gaps.PU foams form a fast air sealing barrier and expand to take the form of the gaps and cracks. These sealants expand only enough to fill the gaps and cracks; they retain their elasticity after expansion. PU foam is dispensed using a straw or dispensing guns which can reach minute corners for sealing cracks. They are available in kits or refillable cylinders. As soon as the PU foam is applied the curing starts, the top surface hardens first then it cures from inside. The thicker the foam sealant the more time it takes to cure.

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It finds its application in –

  • Fixing of Doors and Windows.PU foam sealants act as an insulation material for joints between the door and window glass frame and wall.
  • Sound Proofing.
  • PU foam sealants form airtight barriers which prevent air and water leakage in areas like sealing around plumbing fixtures, ventilation outlets and electrical junction.
  • Prevents entry of pests and insects.
  • Extensively used in dry wall construction
  • PU foams are weather resistant and durable.

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