What is Wood Veneer – Its Types & Uses

By: | August 17 , 2022
Wood Veneer

What is Wood Veneer?

Before commencing deep into the subject it is vital to know what wood veneer is. It is basically a thin slice of wood that is mainly applied to give a finished look for the interior woodwork. Most of the furniture houses apply this type of veneer in their work. Most importantly veneer provides the look of solid wood and that too within a very low price. A small explanation on this will make the subject much easier for an individual. Suppose if you wish to make solid mahogany furniture then that would cost much more. But if you make the same furniture with some plywood and apply a mahogany veneer on the top then that would cost much less and the look will resemble exactly like a block of solid wood.

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What is the Meaning of Veneer?

The term “veneer” actually connotes a manufactured board. It is applied in a number of wooden works and so it has a good demand. There are wide varieties of veneer available in the market and it helps in increasing the look of wooden furniture to a great extent. Now a question may obviously rise into your mind that what is wood veneer made of? It is mainly made from the trunk of the trees. The trunks are peeled off by using heavy and advanced devices. Usually, one-eighth inch slice is cut from each wood. The veneer obtained is mixed with a various type of substrate.

The main purpose of veneer is to decorate the interior of the house and most especially in different wooden segments. It must be known to all, that different trees has a different type of woods and so the veneer obtained is also quite different in each case. Veneer is made from natural wood and there is no sort of lamination.

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Specialties of Wood Veneer

It must be well said in this context that there are ample specialties of wood veneer. But what does wood veneer mean actually? The total extraction of wood veneer is done in a very natural way. There is no such mixture. It is best if it is applied in various housing projects or hotel projects. The finish of such woods is much better and attractive at the same time.

Now let’s have a glance at wood veneer uses. At the initial level this type of wood is mainly used for interior decoration of rooms. Apart from providing a sophisticated look it also helps in increasing the value of the house. There are wide varieties of veneer so it can be easily matched with the color or texture of the room. It solely depends upon an individual.

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Various Types of Wood Veneer Sheets

There are several types of wood veneer sheets available in various furniture markets.

  • Bamboo veneer is the most important type of wood veneer that is always available in every market.
  • Paper- backed veneer is that type of veneer that is formed by the paper backing. This type of veneer is specially used while matching the joints of the furniture. Most of the interior columns of the furniture are made of this type of veneer.
  • Phenolic – backed veneer is made of plastic veneer and is used for decorative purpose. The only advantage of using this type of veneer is that it is water –resistant. This veneer can be simply cut into pieces with the help of a knife but in case of another veneer big table saw or sometimes hand router is applied.
  • The next one is the wood- on- wood veneer which is mainly applied in interior furnishings. It is also sometimes used in the back portion of the furniture.

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A Complete Overview of Wooden Veneer

It has been repeatedly observed that there are ample wood veneer advantages and disadvantages in many cases.
Looking upon the advantages it can be said that wood veneer is quite durable and in case of any type of scratch marks, it can be repaired easily. The entire look of the veneer is much appealing and attractive. This type of veneer is ideal for all types of housing projects or entertainment projects. Most real estate companies prefer to use this type of wood veneer in their projects. They have a much reasonable price at the same time.
On the other hand, there are some serious disadvantages that must also be discussed in this context. It is always best to avoid such wood from extreme climatic conditions like scorching heat or heavy rainfall. This is the only reason why such type of veneer is applied mostly in the interior part. There is less chance of getting damaged. It might damage the wood badly. Sometimes a very thin layer of veneer may become tough to repair. The wood veneer may get delaminated in some cases.

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