What’s the difference between Fused Glass and Stained Glass?

By: | May 27 , 2020

Incorporating different and unique pieces of glass in the interiors of your house can be rewarding and fulfilling in equal measure, as it can not only brighten up your décor but also add a touch of class and a dash of colour to your otherwise dull interiors. Interiors devoid of colour and glass can be plain, boring and uninspiring. Bespoke stained and fused glass designs help add light, patterns, colour and help improve the composition of any space thus making it easier on the eye while also keeping it a class apart. But what’s the difference between stained glass windows and fused glass window design? Let us dwell further into it.

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Fused Glass

Fused Glass

Fused glass is formed when two or more pieces of glass are placed and fired in the kiln and heated until they fuse together into a single piece. Fusing generally requires multiple glass pieces to be used with a minimum of two pieces mandatory for any fusing procedure and involves moulding and manipulating glass inside a kiln. However, it’s imperative to bear in mind that while fusing multiple pieces of glass together, care must be taken to ascertain that the glass used is compatible with each other in order to avoid stress cracks and breakage.

Fused glass can produce spectacular art pieces which are a beauty to behold and are commonly used to create beautiful and arty designer bowls, spectacular vases, bohemian dishes and contemporary plates, sculptures and other decorative household items which can give your interiors the life it needs. While fused glass can be used for stained glass windows, the reverse doesn’t stand true.

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Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Windows are an architectural blessing and provide us with a way to connect with the outside world and gaze at all the beauty that nature has to offer. Stained glass windows, often used in vintage houses or churches, is produced by adding metallic salts and then all pieces are arranged to form intricate patterns or a design. Stained glass is available in countless and unique colour and texture combinations. Stained glass windows are usually held together with the help of a strong frame to ensure that the many pieces of glass stay in place and don’t get dislodged. While stained glass isn’t tested compatible for fusing, nearly any tested compatible glass for fusing can absolutely be used for stained glass.

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Stained glass is also referred to as Art glass and comes in a multitude of colours. Stained glass is quite popular nowadays in household interior designs as it can provide a focal point while also acting as a piece of décor. Moreover, due to limited visibility, it can prove to be the perfect addition to bathrooms to keep away from prying eyes. Living rooms, kitchens, balcony doors and finished basements are all great places where stained glass could seamlessly fit and uplift the entire look of the room.

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