Advantages and Disadvantages of WPC Boards

By: | February 17 , 2023

WPC is a highly durable and secure material used for construction purposes. It is a blend of wood fiber wood flour and thermoplastics. The WPC boards are also prepared from inorganic fillers and plastic composites. Wood plastic composite is also used as a strong and high-end flooring option. The WPC doors are used for flooring, decking, railings, fences, landscaping, windows, doors, outdoor or indoor cladding, for making door and windows frames, for preparing strong and designer by mixing the ground Furniture etc.

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The WPC boards are prepared by mixing the ground wood elements and heated thermoplastic resins while molding it into a required shape. Even recycles thermoplastics are used for preparing solid and useful WPC profiles.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Wood Plastic Composite boards:

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WPC board disadvantages:

  • WPC consists of both, wood and plastic so the shortcomings of both these materials are present in the WPC material too.
  • The cost of WPC material is high compared to the other materials used for same purposes.
  • WPC material doesn’t have the natural wood texture. The natural wood feeling is missing especially when furniture and doors are prepared.
  • Its resistance to extreme temperature is low compared to wood.

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WPC board advantages:

  • WPC boards come with assured quality. These boards consist of stabilizing agents, modifiers, foaming agents and such elements that require a strict mixing ratio. Due to the perfect blend of high-quality materials, WPC boards become high-quality materials.
  • WPC can be molded into different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a designer door or window made from WPC, it is possible as WPC gives a very rich look and the freshest polishing. This is the reason it is used for doors, windows and home furnishing.
  • WPC material is highly fire-resistant. It provides fire protection and keeps your furnishings safe.
  • The WPC material undergoes modern and high-end surface treatment through paint or thermal transfer which makes the WPC profiles, doors, or flooring look flourishing. The proficient surface treatment not only provides a unique look to the WPC boards but also gives a ravishing look to the boards.
  • It is an environment-friendly material that is safe to use. It remains untouched and unaffected from climatic conditions and provides security from water, fire and chemicals.
  • It is a promising and cost-effective substitute for plywood.

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WPC board applications and uses:

  • WPC boards are highly used decking. The manufacturers offer solid decking, hollow decking, mosaic decking options and much more
  • WPC boards are also highly used in preparing to fence. It is a secure and durable material that can be used for garden fencing and other outdoor fencing purposes
  • WPC boards are huge and long-lasting and thus, can be used for wood paneling. It is used for indoor and outdoor wall paneling
  • WPC boards are used for modern construction in the interior ceiling, household furniture, shoe rack, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, interior partitioning, modular furnishing, etc.

WPC is a modern and long-lasting material replacing traditional construction materials due to its strength and modern designs.

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