Best Door Closer Brands in India

By: | August 05 , 2022

Are you planning to renovate your door from the traditional one closer to the modern one? There are several brands from which you can buy. However, choosing the accurate one is a challenge that you might face. You need to check the authenticity, the wide range of availability, and quality before buying. Besides that, you need to be careful of the tricky and fooling advertisements that can cheat you. You must not bother too much since this article will be answering all types of doubts that you have regarding the best Door closer brands in India.

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The closers automatically shuts the gate without any manual force. Even different types of these products are also available. The most demanding categories are automatic, hydraulic, concealed, and spring closers. Godrej, Kich, Ozone, Hafele, Dorset, and some others are among the best Hydraulic door closer brands in India. You should check the specifications of the closers and choose the right gate model.

As customers, you will want to get products that are long lasting and have good performance also. So, check the following brands in India who are the best and whom you can trust.

Top Brands Door Closer

  • Godrej Door Closer
  • Ozone Door Closer
  • Kich Door Closer
  • Hafele Door Closer
  • Dorset Door Closer
  • Spider Door Closer
  • IPSA Door Closer

Godrej Door Closer

Godrej is a forerunner in the field of door closer not only now but for a long time. They manufacture a wide range of products also. Besides that, they are not only producing quality items but those that last long. Along with that, they have many satisfied customers all around the country.


  • It has authentic performance with a long warranty that can keep you tension-free.
  • Whether your gate is opening on the right or the left, you can use it anywhere.
  • Godrej is among the ten best brands that manufactures hydraulic gate closers.

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Ozone Door Closer

Top Ozone Door Closer

Apart from developing quality items, Ozone manufactures products at affordable rates too. They carry out detailed research for making these products. The products are customer-friendly. Moreover, their products are available in several designs and shapes.


  • It has adjustable closing speeds that make them easy to use.
  • There is a backcheck between 70 to 120 degrees within which these closers come.
  • Other than having a track arm the Ozone Door Closer comes with a non-handed design.

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Kich Door Closer

Kich Silver Door Closer

Besides producing high-quality door closers, Kich also manufactures heavy-duty items. You can get their products at budgeted prices. Besides being manufactured from high grade materials, the products have a long life too. Moreover, two-valve technology is used for the construction of these closers.


  • The products are strong and long-lasting because the Kich Door Closer is constructed from good quality aluminum.
  • The closers are rust and corrosion-free.
  • The silver color makes them suitable for all types of gates.
  • The closing cycle is not affected by temperature.
  • For proper functioning of the closers, Anti-wear hydraulic oil is used.

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Hafele Door Closer

Hafele Hydraulic Gate Closer

Hafele is a brand producing hardware items and accessories for quitting time. Besides having longevity, the closers are also efficient. You can buy them from all stores, including the online ones. As the products are accurately enameled, they last longer than the common ones available.


  • By fixing on the surface, you can mount the Hafele Door Closer.
  • They can bear weight up to 100 kg.
  • As it reaches the initial point, the gate is automatically adjusted by the mechanism used.
  • Moreover, the products have an adjustable closing speed valve.
  • It is made from steel which makes the item more sturdy.
  • You will not require to drill the floor to install this product.

Dorset Door Closer

Dorset Door Closer Online

Dorset has become a reliable name when it comes to gate closer. The company manufactures different types of closers for various kinds of gates. The products are inexpensive and efficient too. The longevity and efficient workability of the product is assured by the 5 lac test cycles conducted.


  • Besides having a two-valve opening that is accurate and straightforward, the product is made from aluminium alloy with a pressure die-cast body.
  • The company uses proper hydraulic pressure oil for adequate functioning.
  • Special O-rings are used to avoid leakage.

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Spider Door Closer

Spider Gate Closer

As you search through the numerous brands manufacturing door closers, the spider gate closer is a famous name that comes to you. The products can bear loads from 35 kg up to 65 kg and have hydraulic gate closing mechanisms. They have a silver finish that makes them ideal to use in all gate types.


  • They are durable and long-lasting with a strong body.
  • These products for entryways are constructed from steel and aluminium.
  • Ideal for gate size 900 mm x 2100 mm.

IPSA Door Closer

IPSA Gate Closer

If you are in search of heavy-duty closers, then IPSA should be your ideal choice. They produce closers that are ideal in all weather conditions and suit every type of decor. Moreover, they are long-lasting items. The brand makes customer-friendly products that are available in a wide range of stores. Furthermore, a long warranty is the most trustworthy thing that you can get from this company.


  • The models are sturdy and do not rust because they are made from aluminum which prevents corrosion.
  • Be it glass, wooden, or metal doors, they are a perfect match for all sorts of gates.
  • You don’t need to worry about the effectiveness and worth of the closer models as they have passed the 5 lac cycle test.

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When it comes to Commercial door closer brands there are many options as you can witness.

So, you need to select the company wisely. However, you also need to be sure about its weight bearing capacity, the price and the material used for its manufacturing. Besides that, you can select models at a budgeted rate since numerous brands are producing them. Never forget to consider the speed settings, ratings, and reviews before buying. Never miss reading about the specifications as you can know more and be sure of the product you are about to shop. However, to avoid regret about your selection of the item, you must check the types of closers and their warranty before buying. You must also consider the Automatic door closer brands value before finalizing the purchase.”

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