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Padlocks are one of the most famous types of locking mechanisms that are used in most of the houses today. Padlocks are detachable locks in which there is a u-shaped bar that is attached to the body at one end and the other end is passed through a hole or opening of the body’s hasp that protects theft or vandalism. With so many categories in the market, it is difficult to choose the best padlock. Some of the basic categories include heavy-duty padlock, high-security padlock, weatherproof padlock, combination padlocks, brass padlock, and keyed alike padlock.

Basic Components of Padlocks:

In general, padlocks consist of the three basic components such as the shackle, body of the padlock, and the locking mechanism or cylinder. Buy best buy pad locks, door padlock, mini padlock and padlock key with sizes (padlock 50mm, 40mm padlock) & types europa padlock, brass padlock, and gold padlock Online in India.


It is a crucial part of the padlock that looks like a u-shaped bar available in different lengths and diameters and such variations of size will be designed based on the padlock category. Not only u-shaped shackle but also straight shackle is also available in some padlocks. One should always look for the thicker shackle or diameter of the shackle to be a 10mm at least, as it ensures high-level security.


One of the important parts of the padlock needed to control the locking mechanism is the body of the door padlock.

Locking Mechanism/Cylinder

Padlock’s cylinder is the place where the padlock key is to be inserted into the keyway or the cylinder may use the rotary mechanism or dial.

Types of Padlocks:

Padlocks are used in many places such as homes, business places, sheds and storage units, gym, lockers, and toolboxes, etc. Due to their wide range of applications, there are different padlock types available in the market. As padlocks play a vital role in securing your property and belongings, they are used in many places.

When you want to buy a new padlock, make sure you are buying the reputed brand padlock. One can buy padlock at local stores or can buy a padlock online to buy a reputable branded supplier. By default, people can pick the padlock easily, so it is necessary to check the quality of it. For example, you can buy Yale padlock, as it is reviewed to be the leading padlock maker on the market.

  1. Weatherproof Padlocks:

    To ensure outdoor security, one must use a weatherproof padlock. Such a padlock is made up of non-corrosive substances to stand against all the temperature conditions such as rain, snow, etc. Weatherproof padlocks are usually designed within a laminated plastic jacket along with a keyway cover cap. For weatherproof padlocks, molybdenum hardened steel is much preferred.

  2. Combination Padlocks:

    In a padlock that requires you to enter a code is known as a combination padlock. Such a padlock serves as the right option when many people need to access the same thing. Sometimes, it may not provide you much security when the suspect finds out the code of the lock. But still, they are mostly preferred in the low-grade home security applications. The advantage of using a combination padlock is that one can change the code and you can lock padlock without key with this type.

  3. Closed Shackle Padlocks:

    Padlocks may face attacks using saws and other critical tools, to avoid this hassle closed shackle padlocks are designed by manufacturers. Such a small padlock has inbuilt shoulders to cover the rounded shackle which makes the thieves feel difficult to unlock the locked padlock. Most of the insurance companies force on this type of padlock to buy and use for security.

  4. Long Shackle Padlocks:

    This type almost looks like a traditional padlock but with an extended shackle. These are U-Shaped padlocks but much weaker and provides very less security when compared to other padlock types.

  5. Discus Padlocks:

    Discus padlocks are designed in such a way that they protect from saw attacks and bolt cutters. These padlocks are best for factories, store frontages, gates, storage units, etc.

Features of a Great Padlock:

When you are buying a padlock, you have to consider some important things and we will discuss here.

Don’t Buy a Cheap Padlock:

There are many products available on the market, in which you have to choose the right padlock. Look for the reputable branded product along with some essential features such as fingerprint padlock, etc. Check the essential features which will increase the security level to your house or commercial place. But never buy the padlock based on the padlock price. Always check the features and purchase the right padlock having a good security feature.

Look for Shackle Covers:

The Shackle of the padlock is the essential part that must go through the holes of the padlock body to ensure the locking feature. In general, standard padlocks have shackles that enter the hole to lock the padlock, which can easily be cut by thieves. Exposed shackles are easy to cut and hence, shackle covers serve as the best option. Look for such a smart padlock to enhance the security feature.

Consider the Size of Shackles:

It is always recommended to consider the size of the shackles and it is needed to thick in structure. As thieves can break the padlock, one must consider the thick-sized shackles. So, always buy a high-security padlock by considering other features such as number padlock, etc.

Look for an Anti-Drill Plate:

Anti-drill plates are hardened metal inserts that act as a shield to protect when anyone drills the lock. You can also prefer the Bluetooth padlock to ensure security.

Other Features:

Nowadays, with advanced technology digital padlock is designed to ensure that there will be security for houses, commercial buildings, factories, etc. With digital technology, alarm padlock alerts the people by emitting a massive 110-decibel siren, when any thief tries to unlock the padlock.

Thus, one has to choose the right padlock by considering the above safety features and other crucial factors such as shackle covers, anti-drill plates, etc. Based on your needs, you can choose the right padlock category.

Padlocks Price List

PadlocksPrice List
Godrej Disc 70 mm Duralock Padlock with 3 Keys Set
Rs. 816
Godrej Kadi-Tala - 6 Lever 200 mm Chrome Padlock with 3 Keys Set
Rs. 726
Godrej Luggage Lock MyLock Candy Padlock with 2 Keys Set
Rs. 144
Godrej Nav-Tal 5 Lever Padlock with 3 Keys Set
Rs. 294
Godrej Round 5 Lever Padlock with 3 Keys Set
Rs. 151