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Rim Locks

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A Brief Introduction about Rim Locks

One of the oldest types of locking systems used by people of the United Kingdom and Ireland is rim lock. Rim lock is a type of lock where the locking device directly attaches to the surface of a door when the door is insufficiently thick in size. When the door is extremely thick, then rim locks serve as the best option to fix on the door for security. This type of lock is not suitable to use at the entrance door, but people use it at the interior side of the doors. Thus, a rim lock is known as a surface-mounted lock that contains both a latch and a lock.

Rim locks are easy to fix on the surface of the doors and thus, buy rim lock to protect your valuables from thieves. Most of them are constructed using cast iron. Some of the other metals used to manufacture rim locks are iron, brass, nickel and even electric rim lock is also there to enhance your security. Yale electric rim lock is one such reputed brand available in the market.

How does a Rim Lock Work?

Rim door lock uses a surface-mounted installation in which either a sliding latch or a deadlock acts as the crucial component for its locking mechanisms. The sliding latch present in the rim lock works on how you apply the pressure and loading of the spring. When you apply the pressure, the latch withdraws and when you remove the pressure, the latch extends. If the rim latch lock comes with a sliding latch, then the locking and unlocking process is done with the help of handles and knobs. But the rim lock deadbolt works in conjunction with a key and thus using the key you can lock and unlock it. Another attracting feature of the rim lock is that one can operate the rim lock from both ends of the door. This is because the rim lock fits on the interior side of the door but you can operate it at both the interior and exterior sides of the door. To secure the rim latch, a sliding latch is used but the combination of both a deadbolt and a sliding latch is used on rim sash locks. Find here electric rim lock, yale electric rim lock, door rim lock set, chrome rim lock & large rim lock Online with best offers at McCoy Mart.

Working Principle of a Rim Lock

The rim lock’s working principle is not much difficult to understand. There will be a simple bolt that gets extend from the door’s side to secure it. Now the bolt will pass through the fixed notch on the door’s frame which means the locking of the door. You can use the key to unlock the door. Most of the rim lock has rim cylinder lock mechanisms. When you turn the key, it rotates the cylinder that is connected to the metal known as the cam. Then the cam moves the plug that slides the bolt to unlock the rim lock. The main advantage of a rim lock is that they are easy to fit on the door.

Types of a Rim Lock

Rim locks are of two types such as

  • Rim sash locks
  • Rim deadlocks

In rim sash locks, there will be a sliding latch that requires the handle movement to retract its position. In a Godrej rim lock, this component comes as just a part of the locking kit. But in rim deadlocks, just a single bolt will be present and no need of a handle to retract the position. These rim locks are much easier to screw on the door’s surface. One can see the entire the lock’s body after installing it over the door. In general, the term rim lock means the installation procedure but not the locking mechanism. Thus, the rim lock can make use of either a spring-loaded sliding latch bolt or a deadlocking bolt. If you want to buy a rim lock deadbolt model, you can prefer buying Godrej ultra rim lock deadbolt. These are some basic categories, but now various types of a rim lock introduced in the market such as digital rim lock, etc.

Installing a Rim Lock

You can buy a rim lock online and there are various reputed brands available when you browse in online shops such as Yale rim lock, Godrej I secure rim lock, Godrej I secure rim lock 3327, Victorian rim lock, etc. When you consider the rim lock price, it will differ with various brands and the Godrej rim lock price is much affordable and you can go with this model. After buying a rim lock, you can install them easily when you have some tools and parts with you. Here is a list of tools.

  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver and Screws
  • Drill
  • Rim lock body
  • Rim lock keeper
  • Escutcheon plates
  • Door Knobs

To install a rim lock, here are the steps to be followed

  • The first thing you have to install is the keeper part and you should fix it directly into the door jamb.
  • You must position the keeper at a proper height. Before fixing this keeper, you have to mark the screw holes using a pencil and then use a screwdriver to screw the keeper.
  • Now you have to align the lock body’s position and check the latch is in a proper direction before you fix them, as rim locks are bi-directional.
  • Once the lock body is in a proper position, you have to mark the screw points and drill them to screw and fix it.
  • Now you can attach the lock body and spindle.
  • Use a screwdriver to screw in the escutcheon plates on the exterior side of the door for the keyway.
  • Now connect the spindle with the exterior side of the doorknob and you can insert the screw if possible.
  • fter finishing the above steps, you can test the smart rim lock working properly.

There are various types of rim locks available in the market and based on the door, you can prefer the right model like brass rim lock, antique rim lock, etc. and check the brand and quality before buying it.

Rim Locks Price List

Rim LocksPrice List
Godrej Pin Cylinder Rim Lock - Premium Night Latch Inside Opening Brushed Steel
Rs. 1,157
Godrej Pin Cylinder Rim Lock - Vertibolt 1CK
Rs. 1,247
Godrej Rim Lock - Altrix 1CK Deadbolt Milano Bronze
Rs. 5,117
Godrej Rim Lock - Astro 1CK Milano Bronze
Rs. 3,865
Godrej Rim Lock - Ultra XL + Rim Deadbolt 2C Satin Steel
Rs. 1,544