How To Clean Blocked Kitchen Sinks

By: | September 28 , 2022
Clean Blocked Kitchen Sinks

There are Five basic ways of unclogging kitchen sinks

It is a terrifying experience to have a clogged sink. Most of the time the clogging can be prevented if you roughly clean up the dishes of all kinds of food stuff and not let it enter the drain at all. Things like rice grains, tea leaves, pieces of vegetables, oil, grease and chunks of food stuff, bones etc. Once they enter the drain, can clog it up at some point of time as they move down the drain pipe. It is best that they are removed and put away in a dustbin before you wash the dishes. So it’s a matter of carelessness on your part that the mishap of clogging happens. But, in case you or your maid has not taken enough care and the drain has clogged, creating a ruckus in your house and your kitchen then you could try these simple home remedies instead of calling on the plumber. “Apna heath, jagannath”. Om Shanti Om!

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Method 1:

Using a plunger

Fill half the sink with hot water. Then position the plunger over the drain then plunge up and down to make the drain unclogged. Try for some time if it doesn’t work try another method.

You can also take a rag or a pocha and hold it in your hand tightly and push it up and down the bottom drain very quickly. This helps to dislodge whatever has got stuck inside the drains and opens the chute and unclogs the drain but if it method doesn’t work then you proceed with the chemicals mentioned below.

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Method 2:

Using vinegar, hot water and baking soda.

Put on rubber gloves preferably. Bail out standing water in the sink. Push one cup of baking soda down the drain. Use a spatula if needed. Pour one cup of vinegar into the drain again. Put a stopper on the hole so the  vinegar is going to unclog the drain. Wait for 5 minutes for the chemical reaction to take place. Run  warm water into the kitchen sink to see if the clog disappears.

Pour four cups of boiling water down the drain. If the warm water does not work. If the drain is still clogged use baking soda and vinegar again.

You can simply use boiling water which you pour in. It may help to unclog.

Method 3:

You can also use salt and hot water. Pour half a cup of table salt down the drain before you put in boiling water. Let it stay for some time and then flush with hot water to clear the hot mixture.

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Method 4:

Baking soda and salt is another gruelling mix beating the daylights out of your clogged sink.

Mix one Cup of baking soda with half a Cup of salt. Pour down the drain. Let the mixture set for several hours and then flush with boiling water, repeat if it didn’t work the first time.

Method 5:

Metal hangers in coil wires can also be used called a plumber snake.

The p-trap can also be used. The cleaning can take from 10 minutes to one hour.

So here we have enumerated a few methods for your clogged sink. Hope it would be useful, remember, prevention is better than cure.

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