Why do Architects vouch for UPVC Windows

By: | September 30 , 2022

Materials like wood, aluminium or mild steel have their own grace and appeal and will always be the classics and continue to make our surroundings look beautiful.However, there are new and somewhat economical options also available to us. Materials like UPVC or unplasticized vinyl chloride have the updated and man made stamp on them. Let’s have a closer look to this new material which has turned up to be the new fashion around.

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To begin with, UPVC is an eco-friendly range along with that it is also rust and corrosion resistant, thereby it could last us for a longer time, more than that of untreated woods. Long life of the product is one of the greatest feat to the customers. Hence why architects also consider it.

aluminium uPVC Windows

Talking about windows, Earlier windows were more as apertures or ventilation tools for houses, they had less to do with scenic views or as an important element of design for your interiors. The function of windows has altogether evolved with time, not just bringing in the light and air and still shaded people inside from storms and rains. In addition to all this, windows also doserve as a connection with to the world outside considering how people have become more private and individualistic in their approach- it serves as your friendly hand out or your little toe out. Windows also act as a comforting corner for fresh summer mornings and lazy winter mornings. Saving on your energy bills is another prominent aspect, most people intend cutting on artificial light and using the natural day light. Noise prevention, low dust ingress which is an anathema to city people,aesthetic pleasure, low maintenance and much more.

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Parameters by which window efficiency is judged are as follows:

  1. Uvalue ( w/m2k)

    This measures as to what amount of heat transfer from outside to inside is prevented by the window. The lower the ‘uvalue’, the better is the window insulation. Even .2 w/m2k value is ensured today. The u value is measured in units of watts-per-meter-square-kelvin.

  2. Solar heat gain (SHGC)

    This measures as to how much heat a window blocks which is coming in via sunlight. Value is generally between 0 and 1. The lower the value is, the lower the solar heat the window transmits.

  3. AL or Air Leakage cfm/sq.feet

    When there are cracks on the window, Insulation also suffers and heat from outside could enter inside and regulated temperature inside is also affected. The lower is this value, the lower is the AL.

  4. Water tightness

    This measures as to how much moisture or water can creep into through cracks. This is essentially important in coastal areas and high rainfall areas.

  5. Noise attenuation or Reduction

    For Hospitals, Schools and Buildings located near noise centres or factories; Noise reduction is checked through the windows and it needs to be made sure that it has better sealing along with more product integrity.

  6. Wind load suitability

    In windy locations, coastal areas and high rise buildings, where the wind flow is relatively higher, Windows are specifically designed to withstand 3000 pascals of wind speed that is equivalent to 245kms/hour of wind velocity.

It is to be noted that UPVC has various utilities and merits for all the above window characteristics.

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India’s weather can be divided into four major climatic zones, and so one adapts the material that can fit into each type considering optimum benefits out of it.Following are some more details on UVPC window characteristics.

  • One of the biggest merits is that they don`t allow rain to stream in because of  their double glazing, better gaskets and also water drainage design, this is really helpful  for coastal areas and also areas with high rainfall.
  • It also safeguards from hot and cold weather conditions by a good 20-25% due to its multipurpose profile and also its airtight design. Also, they don’t essentially warm up or cool down in excess due to high or low temperature and this is great for cool places like Siachen or a hot desert.
  •  It also provides sound and dust insulation, cutting off noise by 20-30 decibels thereby providing a sort of ease for the residents.
  •  It does not rust, corrode, even rot or swell as untreated wood does with time.
  • There is a good flexibility of design and is pretty versatile- there is hardly a restriction on shape, size and form. Youcan get it custom-made according to your liking considering your own house or set building architecture.
  • Since variations are possible it makes it so much more stylish, elegant and also very appealing to the eyes. It also is available in various colors and also a number of patterns and varied combinations are also available.
  • These are not very hard to make and even the installation is not that big of a task. Drilling, nailing, sawing etc is also relatively easy and there isn’t a need for very heavy finishing.
  • It also has a long life and is extremely durable and has a greater tensile, dimensional stability and maintains durability in any weather.  It doesn’t fades or shows discoloration.
  • It is waterproof and is also resistant to corrosion. It doesn’t reflects warping on exposure to humidity or excess heat.
  • It is highly secure, Well suited security locks are used thereby preventing breaking in and theft
  • Fire retardant and resists sustained burning.
  • Cleaning isn’t problematic either, as there is a tilt in the sash for easy cleaning and also the window opens effortlessly and hassle free, which is rather convenient.
  • It also adds to the asset value for the house or the building in terms of resale; Serves as a good plus from the sellar’s perspective.
  • Reserves a lot of vegetation, as natural resources are not being used.
  • Can be recycled even after its time has lasted.
  • Options are available throughout (sliding doors, fold and side doors).
  • Glass fitting in such frames is another thing to be taken into consideration, entire range of glass is available for these frames. (Laminated, tempered, insulating, bent and even bullet proof glasses available. These are known for their strength).
  • Adding to the list, it is also termite proof.

There are a good number of benefits of uPVC, A simple, man made material which actually saves you energy bills and has a low carbon footprint besides various other advantages. Trying the hassle free UPVC is definitely worth it.

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