Want to Get Rid Of Mosquitoes – Window Grills May Be a Solution

By: | August 02 , 2022
window grills for mosquitoes

A major problem that most of us face in India is mosquitoes, especially in the summer. Summer heat means that we want air circulating through our homes to cool them and so we want to open our windows. However, these open windows become entry points for hordes of mosquitoes.

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Of course, we are all cognizant of the fact that mosquitoes carry some deadly diseases such as malaria and dengue. One mosquito bite can be sufficient to send someone straight to the hospital. Children, especially, are most vulnerable because of their developing immune systems.

So, how do we compromise between getting fresh air and dealing with the mosquito menace? There are plenty of solutions ranging from using mosquito sprays to buying mosquito nets and even solutions such as burning mint leaves or orange peels in a pot. One efficient way to prevent mosquitoes getting into your home is having window grills installed on your windows. To do so, you need to consider a few points.

Advantages of Window Grills

Window grills keep all sorts of pests out such as lizards, flies and moths, while also guarding your home against mosquitoes. In addition, having window grills means that you don’t have to spray insect killing sprays in your home since these sprays can be hazardous to human health. The grills can be designed according to your doors and windows and fitted in a way that doesn’t stop you from locking or latching the entrances and exits to your home.

There are other advantages to fitting window grills too. Having grills installed makes your home harder to break into. It also ensures that small children and pets don’t run out when you’re not looking. If you are living in a high-rise apartment building, it ensures that adventurous and curious children don’t go towards exits that may be too high.

Grill Material

How strong and durable a window grill is depends on the material use to make it. Mostly, window grills are made of steel, aluminium and wrought iron. Wrought iron is the cheapest and is quite secure and durable. However, it is also susceptible to rust and corrosion if it comes in contact with water. Aluminium grills don’t rust and are lighter than wrought iron. However, they aren’t as durable.

Other Preventative Measures

In addition to installing grills, you can take some more steps to keep mosquitoes away. First, ensure that there aren’t any containers with stagnant water that could serve as a breeding ground for them. For open sources such as wells, pour in a little bit of cooking oil which floats on the surface and prevents mosquito larvae from breathing. You can also clear vegetation close to your house to reduce the number of mosquitoes breeding there.

Inside the house, check the rafters. Sometimes, rafters are exposed which gives mosquitoes an easy entry point. You can make an effective and inexpensive ‘ceiling’ by covering lightweight wooden frames with matting that is available locally. You can also hang treated netting which should act as a mosquito repellent. Mosquito nets around the bed can also be quite effective but remember that any mosquitoes in the house could be trapped inside the mosquito nets with you!

Window grills have been used in many homes across the country for a long time and their efficiency speaks for itself. They are the perfect way to make sure that breezes and fresh air circulate through your house, especially in the summer, but no mosquitoes, or even other pest, manage to find entry. They are fairly cost-effective as well, so talk to your window manufacturer or a local contractor about having them fitted into your doors and windows.

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