Different Types of Material for Kitchen Cabinets in India

By: | September 29 , 2022
types of material for kitchen cabinets

In the present society, most people rely upon having a modular kitchen. This type of kitchen is quite popular among all sections of people as there are ample advantages. The modular kitchen allows people to keep all their goods in a compact manner. It will be noticed that designer kitchen cabinet materials also give a very beautiful look to the entire place. Rather the laminated cabinets and wooden frameworks are simply just awesome. There are many companies that are carrying out this type of work in a professional manner.

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The Various Types of Indian Kitchen Cabinets

The heart of every home is the kitchen so it has to be decorated in the best possible way. Mere decorating is not enough but it should have all the amenities that are required for daily life. Indian kitchens are slowly coming out of their traditional look and stepping into the world of modular kitchens. This is really a great development as the whole thing comes in a complete package. It seems that everything is within your hand. Now let’s have a look at some of the different type of kitchen cabinets that are only prevalent in India.

    1. Acrylic Kitchen

      Acrylic Kitchen
      Firstly the acrylic type of kitchen cabinet or kitchen cupboards is the best one as they are much more durable and of high quality. They last for a long time and also require less maintenance. The acrylic type of kitchen provides a very glossy look to the entire place. The kitchen cabinets are found in various colors but the most preferred is white. This is because it gives a very clean and tidy look. The cabinets are very stylish as per the present market trend.

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    1. Laminated Kitchen

      Laminated Kitchen
      The laminated kitchen is specially made keeping in mind the Indian climatic conditions. The laminated tops are found in various materials like wood, granite or slate. Most Indian kitchen wall cabinets are made of various types of materials. They are available in a polished form.

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    1. Veneered Kitchen

      Veneered Kitchen
      The actual beauty of natural wood can only be observed in a veneered kitchen. The thin slices of wood give a very fabulous look to the kitchen. If you wish you can also polish the woods so that the whole cabinet gets a very glossy and shiny look. Apart from being durable, they can be cleaned very easily. Sometimes people cannot apply or include sold timber woods in their kitchen materials so for them it can be a very good alternative. In short, wood will never lose its beauty or importance in any age.

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    1. Rubber Wood Kitchen

      Rubber Wood Kitchen
      Rubberwood kitchen is also known by the name plantation hardwood. This type of wooden cabinet gives a very unique type of look to the kitchen. Any type of paint goes very well on this type of cabinet. You can use any type of stain or color on the cabinet as per your choice.

  1. Poxy Coated Kitchen

    Epoxy Coated Kitchen
    The epoxy-coated kitchen is the best option for those who mainly try to have a granite look in their kitchen at a very limited price. This type of coating increases the lifetime of a cabinet and kitchen wardrobe to a great extent. It is estimated that the cabinet runs smoothly for about 10 years. On the other hand, the other advantage of this type of coating is that it is both heat and water-resistant.

The usefulness of Kitchen Cabinets

It is found that most people try to make this type of kitchen in their house. Even if there is remodeling work going on in a house the kitchens are provided with good designer cabinets. The concept of the kitchen with a cabinet is the most innovative one. Each of the kitchen designs comes with a unique look. There are several Indian companies that sell this type of modular kitchen materials.

Many people say that the kitchen generally reflects or puts forward the personality of people residing in a room. Most modern kitchen cabinets have a very simple look. Modern kitchen cabinet materials are very common these days. These types of cabinets are made in such a way that they can be easily operated or handled comfortably.

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Materials Used for Making Kitchen Cabinets

If you are really wondering to know what type of material is used for renovating the kitchen then there are numerous options. Let’s have a glance at some of the materials or metals that are mainly applied while renovating the kitchen and giving it a new look. Today’s modern buildings have separate and attractive kitchen counters.

As far as it is known solid wood is the main ingredient in making kitchen cabinets. They are sometimes mixed with other materials as well. Woods like teak, seshaam, are used for making this type of cabinet.

Woods may get damaged after some time. So in order to provide a good life in the woods, laminate is used. They are thin shits that are sandwiched or mixed with other metals. The laminates are durable and also come within the budget of a common man. The laminated sheets can be cleaned with a simple washing powder. There is no specific type of soap used for cleaning it. Even a normal water wash is enough to have a glossy look. Wood veneers are also presumed to be a very common component of kitchen cabinets. They are pieces of solid wood that are almost like laminates.

Poly-vinyl chlorine sheets or PVC are both oil-proof and water-proof sheets that are always available at a very low price. They are mostly available in light colors. On the other hand, the metal kitchen cabinets provide a very stylish look to the kitchen. They are found in various designs and are mostly rustproof. The new form of metallic door and drawers of the cabinet make less noise than the old ones.

Hence most of the cabinets of the kitchen are mainly made of these materials. The companies engaged in manufacturing such cabinets always put effort to offer top-quality products to their clients. Even the tops kitchen cabinet prices are much lower and always available in every place.
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