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Glass Brackets

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Wondering how to install mirrored doorways or what fitments to buy? Wonder no more, you are at the right place. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about glass brackets and other fitments. Buy distinctive kinds of braces with 23% online at McCoy Mart.

Description of braces made for transparent materials

In simple terms, a glass bracket is a rigid structure that supports a door. Together with clamps, they are available in various sizes. One common kind that is widely used in supporting doors and shelves is L shaped braces. It has one arm of the brace fixed to the vertical surface and another arm on a horizontal surface. These clamped braces are used to hold and support the door in place. When these fitments are attached properly one needs not to drill into the door.

Uses of Glass Brackets

Usage of braces has been increasing in demand in today’s world. These fittings can be found everywhere from homes to commercial buildings, shopping centers, and public offices. The usage of transparent materials in making shelves, doors, and rails has influenced the production of glass brackets. Modern technology has paved the way for innovations, which in return has created ways to use reflecting chasels safely. The application of these reflecting materials and its fitments are endless. Braces and clamps help in keeping the chaselware at place preventing it from moving and shaking. One other reason why glass brackets are used is that it connects transparent panels to handrails and posts without damaging the chasels. Drilling holes into these reflective chasels is risky; it affects the overall structure of the panel. Using fitments in the form of clamps, braces and other support systems is an easy and safe way to install and use doors, shelves, and rails.

Different Types of  Braces

  • The most popular type of brace is D or square glass brackets. It is available in the market in a round or flat back that is suitable for connecting the transparent material to posts or walls. Glass brackets are available in various materials. The most popular one is SS glass bracket or stainless steel braces; these are durable and strong to withstand thick and heavy mirror doors. It is the perfect combination of both strength and design.
  • The next type of brace that is used for holding heavy and transparent panels or doors is the c-glass brackets. It is used for heavy pieces of mirror material products. They are mainly used where extra holding strength is required.

Apart from the above-mentioned types of braces; U and I glass brackets are also used. U braces are best for fixing frameless transparent doors and for EM locks. It costs Rs. 250 rupees per piece and D braces cost 300 rupees per piece.

Benefits of Using Glass Brackets

There are several benefits to using chasel braces; here are the advantages of using them.

  • Transparent railing braces are the perfect solution for attachment in small and compact places like balconies and decks.
  • Mirror materials are elegant materials that add style to your home and office. It provides a clean and sophisticated look. So it is important to use fitments that do not damage or break these sophisticated materials.
  • Mirror panes and doors are available in different thickness and finish. Irrespective of the type you choose, these braces keep them safe and secure.
  • When it comes to the maintenance of braces and clamps, it is very simple. It can be wiped down with a damp cloth soaked in the soap solution.
  • D brace fittings are tough and durable, they last long especially the ones made of stainless steel and aluminum.

When do We Use braces for a mirror made material?

Using these kinds of braces and clamps retains the look and finish. SS fitting braces and other types of brace fittings are used mainly for installing mirrors or translucent panels. These products can also be used for fixing stairs, attaching handrails in the balcony and pool surrounding or on the terrace. Glass corner bracket is used for fixing shelves, which can be used to hold books, cookware, and other decor items. The glass shelf bracket is generally used in commercial places like offices, schools, and universities.

Things to Consider during Installation of mirror made material braces

There are a few important things that you need to consider when the installation is carried on. The foremost thing that you need to check is fixing points and also ensure that they are equal. Unequal fitting points will make the mirror panel or door look uneven. The next factor that you need to consider when you decide to buy these kinds of braces and install the same is the thickness of the mirror material that you want to fix. The thickness of the same determines the size of the braces. Buying a wrong size can result in loosening and breakage of the mirror material. These products are available in the market in different sizes such as a 12mm, 8mm, etc according to your preferences. 

The last factor to consider when installing a glass wall mount bracket or any other kind is to check whether all the required screws are in place. Usually, these braces come with a set of screws required to tighten the transparent door or shelve correctly. But when inserting or tightening the screw make sure that you do it slowly and gradually. Over tightening of brace screws results in the crack or shattering of panels. Measure the place or distance at which you want to fix a mirror panel and braces multiple times. Improper measurements can result in crooked fixtures. Installation of the product doesn’t require any special tools; a simple level, measuring tape, pencil, and power drill is all you need.

In Conclusion:

A glass bracket is a very useful fitment that plays an important role in holding everything in position. Using braces made for mirror fitments instead of other standard fitments helps in maintaining the clean look that it should offer. Its price is not expensive and can be easily installed and maintained. Several brands sell this particular product of various sizes and shapes. Online purchasing of the same is very popular.