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Glass Connector

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Glass connector is a type of accessory that is used for joining glass panes or sheets together. Glass connectors are a type of hinge that is commonly used for connecting panes in the construction industry. Buy best online glass connector, glass l connector, glass panel connectors with 23% discount at McCoy Mart. The modern architectural design uses glass connectors, 90 degree glass connector to give the construction of buildings and offices a sleek look.

Importance of a Glass Connector

A glass connector is a significant element for a glass door installed at home and office improvement projects. Currently, homeowners prefer beautiful glass cubical for partition purposes. These glass connectors (glass l connector) are designed specially to fit the requirements of a particular door.

The structure of a glass door is not held in place just by patch fitting or floor spring; glass connectors, 2 way glass connector equally play a role to keep them in an organized way.

This piece of accessory is made of stainless steel and is used to join the glass partition with each other to ensure that they stand strong and sturdy. Choosing a quality glass connector(glass to glass connector) made of the reputable companies will help in its durability and strength of the structure.

The current trend calls for aesthetic appealing construction of homes and offices. A room made of glass is strong, modern with clean edges and a sleek look. Using different varieties of glass connectors is necessary for making the interiors and display units look appealing. Glass is used widely as it doesn’t rust or corrode and easy to maintain.

Types of the Glass Connector

Glass connectors are available in different types. Some of the common types of glass connectors are as follows:

  • L- Glass Connector: L-glass connector is commonly used in the construction industry to join glass cubicles. Glass L – connector has many applications in the industry for joining and connecting sheets made of glass.
  • 90 – Degree Glass Connector: This type of glass connector is widely used for a luxurious looking display system. A 90-degree glass connector can be used for joining the vertical and horizontal corners of the display cube. The connectors and panels are secured using nylon screws, no need for drilling the glass.
  • Two – Way Glass Connector: a 2-way glass connector is used for the sturdy installation of display cubes. It consists of two brackets for added security and a strong connection between glass panes.
  • Three-Way Glass Connector: this type of glass connector is used when connecting three glass panes to make display cubes unit. 3 – Way glass connectors can be used horizontally and vertically while connecting glass panes.
  • Glass tube connector: commonly used with the vacuum pumps. Glass tube connectors are available in two and three-way with various arm angels, receivers and adapters.

Glass Connector Price List

Glass ConnectorPrices
Ozone Polished Stainless Steel Floor/Wall to Glass Connector (OGC-1A)
Rs. 322
Ozone Polished Stainless Steel Glass to Glass Connector 135°
Rs. 828
Ozone Polished Stainless Steel Glass to Glass Connector 180° (OGC-5A)
Rs. 449