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Shower Hinges

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When you’re purchasing a new shower, one of the more overlooked parts is the shower hinges. Hinges or straps are an essential part of the shower ecosystem, and they need to be well thought about before heading over to purchase.

Here are a few tips to consider before you purchase your door straps for your bathroom -

Hardware options for your bathing screen and shower door hinges generally tend to get overlooked. It’s essential that you choose the right type based on the kind of screen, bath products, and other factors.

Shower hinges are some of the most critical parts of the setup because they consist of the mechanical aspect relating to screens, and they help get the door close and open easily. These straps are also clamped around the glass cut-out and can easily hold the weight of doors that can weigh up to 36 kgs. As this door is being operated multiple times throughout the year, it can sustain that weight and perform well.

If the door drops, the glass could explode, and you can have a real problem to face. It’s essential to consider the next bath door hinge or frame and make sure they’re of the best quality. Never compromise on quality. We suggest considering stainless steel shower hinges that are highly durable and easier on budget.

Hinges are also considered to be a mechanical component that is used the most in the shower screen. There is a difference between a high-quality product and a product that isn’t top-notch as it boils straight down to the design and engineering of straps and the internally created components that comprise it.

Inferior Products can make doors drop down and not last. These shower glass hinges can also cause damages, and on a general basis, glass suppliers choose the strap type that is perfect for the operation and location of the screen. You can also select the strap shapes, the finish, and many other options. The frameless shower hinges are generally made of brass and can perform operations and remain sturdy over time. The components that make the strap are sturdy and have effects that make sure they last over time. They won’t need to be replaced for many more years and will save plenty of maintenance costs.

Choosing a modern and bright aesthetic and space-saving capabilities are important factors, and bathing doors can truly change the look and feel of the bathroom. You need to consider the styles - both hinged and sliding glass doors and understand the unique features available for both before you begin the next renovation project of your bathroom. It’s important you also know the different types of doors and compare the styles to find out what works best for you -

Larger bathrooms may not have many limitations functionally, and tighter spaces are better suited to those styles which are compact enough to be enjoyed without compromising any ability to move around. 

If you’re looking to install new door frame straps with a glass door installation, there are a few styles to consider -

  • Sliding Glass Shower doors - These doors are also called bypass doors and are among the most commonly found styles on the market. They are perfect for standalone drizzles and combination tubs that exceed the 60-inch wide mark. These doors also feature glass panels that slide across these tracks to close and open. They are recommended for smaller spaces as they allow homeowners to enjoy practical usage of the space. 
  • Hinged glass shower doors - These doors are primarily known to swing outwards when they have to be opened. The pivot hinge or the side-mount hinge, these doors are a popular choice when it comes to the standalone bathing section that a lot of smaller spaces can allow. These strapped doors are functional, beautiful, and super easy to use for any bathroom style.
  • Round glass shower doors - These doors open inwards and not out. They are ideal for bathrooms with corner space, and the inward movement does not interfere with the bathing area as the doors feature the curved glass, allowing for more elbow space in general.  The round aesthetic also has a door style that is easy to clean. Most homemakers don’t like to dig into the edges or corners and leave those parts negligible when they have to remove the dirt that’s accumulated. 
  • Bifold shower doors - These doors combine the folding movement of a hinged door and the sliding function of a bypass door. With the two panels attached on a strap, users can enter and exit the bathing area with a simple mechanism to pull on the handle. These doors are connected to a track and are foldable; hence they allow the panels to fold in and open on one another. 
  • Neo-angle - Neo-angle doors function similar to a pivot door but are made of three panels and not two. This door is positioned right at the center while the two glass panels are angled and arranged on either side. The design keeps the door free from cramped/tight spaces and helps homeowners get spacious bathrooms with designated bathing section, which can be easily accessed.  

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